Standard Black & Colored Gaffer Tape Sitemap

Standard Black & Colored Gaffer Tape Sitemap is the place to find essential standard black and colored gaffer tape for all of your professional and personal needs. Gaffers tape, also known as gaff tape, is known for its strong adhesive strength that doesn't leave residue upon removal, and is widely used in the entertainment and event industries.

  • JVCC REPAIR-1 Leather & Vinyl Repair Tape [Gaffers Tape]

    JVCC REPAIR-1 is a strong and reliable leather and vinyl repair tape that is most commonly used to repair school bus seats. However, this high-quality tape has many uses, so if you're looking for a vinyl repair tape for motorcycle seat fabric, this repair tape is a great choice. It's constructed from vinyl-coated cloth, so you can easily tear it by hand without the need of a cutting tool, but you'll get the cleanest cut if you use a razor blade. JVCC REPAIR-1 leather and vinyl repair tape (gaffers tape) is available in various colors. Colored vinyl repair tape is especially useful when you need to match a certain shade. All the colors have a matte finish. If you need a shinier tape, see JVCC REPAIR-2HD, which is made from polyethylene-coated cloth. Product Applications School bus seat repair Repair and patch vinyl sofas and seats Repair and patch leather seats and sofas Cover concealment Arts and crafts projects Color-coding Repair car seats Wrap tennis racket handles and bike handles Repair holes in lederhosen Fix holes in office chairs Patch boat seats Cover a fraying convertible top Application Tips Always use a razor to cut a piece off. Tearing by hand leaves a rougher edge which allows the edges to be more vulnerable to rolling up. Even scissors have a hard time cutting through it as cleanly as a razor blade since it is heavy-duty vinyl coated cloth coated with an aggressive adhesive. A good way to prolong the amount of time it will stay down before its having to be replaced is to apply a small amount of wax on top of the edges, which helps reduce friction. Remember: gaffers tape is designed to not leave sticky adhesive residue behind like a duct tape would; however, it may still pull up loose debris, finish, etc. from a substrate it is applied to depending on many conditions such as length of time applied, chemicals used to clean the substrate and the composition of the substrate itself (as any adhesive tape would). Please ReadMany seating surfaces have accumulated oils, detergents, polishes, and miscellaneous other surfactants that will prevent pressure sensitive adhesive tapes from forming a bond. Please try testing the surface with any available adhesive tape (masking, duct, etc.) prior to purchasing this product to see if this could possibly work for you. If that other tape does not adhere you can try cleaning the substrate first with a damp cloth and then allowing to dry completely. If it still does not stick, then you might need one of the liquid seat repair products available on the market instead (these products would also be less noticeable than a tape repair).

  • Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape

    Perfect for a huge range of entertainment, production and industrial uses, Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape is a high-strength, vinyl-coated cloth tape providing clean, residue-free removal. Because of this, it's exceptionally well-suited for any application where you need secure adhesion to irregular surfaces and residue-free removal. Pro Tapes pro gaffers tape also has a waterproof backing and is abrasion-resistant, so it'll hold up well in demanding environments. Additionally, it offers smooth, controlled unwind and can be cleanly torn by hand. offers Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff in a broad range of colors and quantities to suit your particular needs, from single rolls to multiple cases. Product Applications Temporarily holding light fixtures, wire and cables Bundling cables and wires Marking and labeling equipment cases and boxes Marking stairs and exits or spiking stages Dance floor splicing Temporarily adhering carpet Vinyl school bus seat repair Stage and set decoration Color-coding Climbing wall route setting

  • Polyken 510 Premium Grade Gaffers Tape

    When you need a high-quality gaffers tape, choose Polyken 510 premium-grade gaffers tape. This vinyl coated tape has a heavy-duty design and offers flexibility and moisture resistance for a wide range of applications. Polyken 510 is a high tack tape with premium-grade adhesion. The non-reflective matte cloth backing is low gloss and waterproof, so it's ideal for the outdoors, where weather and temperature are important factors. This gaffers tape offers a softer adhesive over other brands, so it works well when used on carpeting. We also carry Polyken 510-Neon for high-visibility requirements. Product Applications Place marking and spiking Backdrop set-ups Supports weak tripods and stands Secure light stands to floor General patching and repair Bookbinding Protecting and anchoring electrical wiring Taping down HDMI, XLR and other AV/computer cables Wrapping and bundling of wire, metals and plastics Vinyl school bus seat repair Mark lines on classroom floor Roller derby track set-up Solidifies DIY projects Moisture and dust-proof sealing of equipment cases and film canisters Features and Benefits Vinyl-coated waterproof cloth backing Extremely flexible High tack and superior adhesion Non-reflective backing; low gloss Clean removal adhesive Stays flexible and conforms in low and high temperatures High thread count for clean tear (though it may be on an angle) Made in the U.S. Note: FindTape can offer Polyken 510 gaffers tape in non-standard sizes due to our converter receiving the tape in a wide width log rolls. These rolls will be shipped on non-branded plain white cores, unless ordering the special sizes noted with '*shrink-wrapped on Polyken core'. We also carry Polyken 510-Neon fluorescent gaffers for more high-visibility requirements.

  • JVCC GAFF30YD Premium Grade 30 Yard Gaffers Tape

    Ideal for use in the film and TV production industries, JVCC Premium-Grade Gaffers Tape (JVCC GAFF30YD) provides residue-free removal for safely holding wires, lights, props and other uses. It's made in Canada using premium-quality Scapa 225 source material and Polyken 510 source material. This tape is available in black, gray and white from FindTape, so you can choose a color that provides a low-visibility securing option on your set, stage of photo studio. Each roll includes 30 yards of premium-grade vinyl-coated cloth gaffers tape which provides easy hand-tearing and 50 ounces per inch of adhesion. has a huge selection of gaffers tape made by industry leaders. Product Applications Holding wires, lights and props Bundling and anchoring wires and cables Holding down carpet for tradeshows, conventions, ballrooms, auditoriums or aircraft Bookbinding Seat cushion/backing repair

  • Scapa 125 Economy Grade Gaffers Tape

    Despite its high-quality, vinyl-coated cloth construction, Scapa 125 Economy-Grade Gaffers Tape is priced economically for large jobs and budget-minded operations. It features a single coating of a natural rubber-based adhesive, which offers a low-gloss finish. Scapa 125 has a relatively low to moderate adhesion level (only 28 ounces per inch), so it's a great choice for anyone not requiring aggressive adhesion. With that being said, this tape will perform well in floor and stage marking and other applications where you need adhesion on hard, non-carpeted surface. FindTape does not recommend this tape for applications such as wire securing or cable hold-down. As one of the most economical gaffers tape options available, this tape features Scapa's extremely low-gloss backing and reflects the least amount of light of all the gaffer tapes we sell. Note: FindTape can offer Scapa 125 gaffers tape in non-standard sizes due to our converter receiving the tape in wide width log rolls and because of that those cut rolls will be shipped on non-branded plain white cores. Product Applications Floor marking on stages, gym floors, etc. Color-coding Export packaging First aid

  • Scapa 425 Pro-Grade Gaffers Tape

    When you need excellent adhesion, Scapa 425 Pro-Grade Gaffers Tape is a great choice. This the most adhesive gaffers tape we sell at, which makes it adhere for longer and more securely than other gaffers tapes. This Scapa gaffers tape is a waterproof, vinyl-coated cloth tape featuring a single coating of rubber pressure adhesive. This material gives it an exceptionally high tensile strength and high tack and makes it easy to unwind. It's a black gaffers tape featuring Scapa's low-gloss backing to reflect the least amount of light, making it great for a wide range of applications in TV, film and photography. Note: FindTape can offer Scapa 425 gaffers tape in non-standard sizes due to our converter receiving the tape in wide width log rolls and because of that those cut rolls will be shipped on non-branded plain white cores. Product Applications Securing cables, props and lighting equipment Bundling wires and cables Waterproof wrapping Packaging Color-coding Floor-marking Temporary repairs

  • Shurtape P-665 General Purpose Gaffers Tape

    Shurtape P-665 is a general purpose cloth gaffers tape that's economical yet high-performance. This is the industry-standard gaffers tape and has been for decades, as it's commonly used for holding wiring, lighting and props and other set and stage applications. Shurtape gaffers tape (once called Permacel gaffers tape) now comes in just three colors - black, white and gray - but if you need colored gaffers tape with similar specifications, you can order Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff from Shurtape P-665 General Purpose Gaffers Tape is ideal for many gaffers tape uses thanks to its vinyl-coated cloth backing and residue-free removal. It's also conformable, so it'll adhere nicely to irregular surfaces, and can be cleanly torn by hand. Pick up this professional-grade gaffers tape by the roll or case from FindTape. Product Applications Holding wiring, lighting and props Splicing Bundling wires and cables Color-coding Set decoration

  • Shurtape P-628 Industrial Grade Gaffers Tape [aka PC-628]

    Shurtape P-628 (also known as Shurtape PC-628) is a vinyl-coated cloth tape that's ideal for general use in a wide range of applications, including conventions, hospitality, audio/visual, film and TV production, theatrical stagecraft and more. This durable tape provides premium-grade holding power, excellent conformity to irregular surfaces and a high tensile strength to help you get difficult jobs done quickly. It also offers a writable surface, so you can use it for some labeling applications, and comes individually shrink-wrapped for easy storage and transport. It's considered to have the shiniest finish of any of the gaffers tape we sell and offers great weathering features. FindTape offers this Shurtape industrial-grade gaffers tape in multiple colors, roll sizes and quantities to suit your specific needs. Product Applications Holding wiring, lighting and props Tape-down lighting and props Color-coding Masking silk screen frames HVAC line setting Bookbinding

  • Pocono GT-226 Clear Adhesive Gaffers Tape

    Pocono GT-226 Clear Adhesive Gaffers Tape is a vinyl-coated black gaffers tape featuring a cloth fabric coated with a removable Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA). This means that it offers excellent adhesion (60 ounces per inch) with clean removal. Unlike the adhesion on most gaffers tape, this type of adhesion is clear, so it doesn't have the same white lines and edges as standard gaff tape. This makes Pocono GT-226 perfect for when you need nondescript gaffers tape for photography, sealing, bundling of wires and other common gaffers tape applications. This high-quality Clear Adhesive Gaffers Tape by Pocono is very flexible, so it's easy to conform to odd-shaped surfaces and items, and offers a smooth unwind for fast and simple application. Additionally, Pocono GT-226 is easy to tear by hand. FindTape is happy to sell this all-black gaffers tape by the roll or case. Product Applications Bundling, wrapping or holding wires and cords in place Marking stage floors Blackout masking on scenery panels and backstage areas Photography Sealing jobs

  • Scapa 225 Mid-Grade Gaffers Tape

    Scapa 225 Mid-Grade Gaffers Tape is a great choice for anyone looking for a full-featured gaff tape at a great price. It's made with a waterproof vinyl-coated cloth treated with a natural rubber-based adhesive which provides 50 ounces per inch of adhesion. Because of this, Scapa 225 offers great tack but also delivers residue-free removal for easy cleanup. This tape features Scapa's extremely low gloss backing, which reflects the least amount of light out of all the gaffers tape we sell, so it's ideal for use in photography, videography and theatrical production. This tape is made in Canada using high-quality materials. offers Scapa 225 Gaffers Tape in black, gray and white in various roll size options to suit your unique needs. Note: FindTape can offer Scapa 225 gaffers tape in non-standard sizes due to our converter receiving the tape in wide width log rolls and because of that those cut rolls will be shipped on non-branded plain white cores. Product Applications Taping down cables Wire and cable bundling Waterproof wrapping and packaging. Color-coding Securing photography lights, props, etc.

  • Shurtape P-672 Professional Grade Gaffers Tape

    Shurtape P-672 Professional-Grade Gaffers Tape is a premium-grade, matte-finish cloth tape that's excellent for applications such as sealing containers and general holding. Because it has a waterproof backing, a high tensile strength and is abrasion-resistant, Shurtape Professional-Grade Gaffers Tape can be used for heavy-duty jobs such as adding temporary protection from welding spatter. Shurtape P-672 durable gaffers tape is especially effective at low temperatures and provides 60 ounces per inch of adhesion, so it's perfect for waterproof sealing. This tape is favored for its stiffer backing and exceptional durability, which provides a long-lasting hold but is easy to apply and is hand-tearable in machine and cross directions. FindTape carries Shurtape P-672 Professional-Grade Gaffers Tape in black, gray, olive drab and white in 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch widths. All rolls of Shurtape P-672 come with 50 yards of premium gaffers tape. Product Applications Waterproof sealing of containers Temporary protection from welding spatter Packaging Splicing Holding Bundling Repairing Bookbinding

  • FindTape GAFF-TEST-PACK Gaffers Tape Challenge Pack

    Our exclusive FindTape Gaffers Tape Challenge Pack from includes a variety of gaffers tape options - ranging from ultra-affordable economy-grade gaff tape all the way up to professional-grade and premium tapes - to help you determine which type of gaffers tape to buy. Here at, we recognize that gaffers tape is relatively expensive when compared with other types of tape, with up to a $500 difference in economy tape vs. premium tape. With the GAFF-TEST-PACK, you can experiment with up to 10 different grades of gaffers tape to help you determine which type is best for your unique needs. Because this is a sample product, you'll get various different styles of gaffers tape for essentially just the cost of the materials. FindTape includes a handy access code with every test pack purchase, so you can rate and track how well each type of tape worked for your specific applications. Check out the video below and survey results for more information. Your GAFF-TEST-PACK includes a 2-inch wide by 10-yard long black roll of the following: Scapa 125 Economy Grade Gaffers Tape JVCC J90 Low Gloss Gaffer-Style Duct Tape 3M 6910 Gaffers Tape Polyken 510 Premium Grade Gaffers Tape Scapa 225 Premium Grade Gaffers Tape Shurtape PC-628/P-628 Industrial Grade Gaffers Tape Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape Shurtape P-672 Professional Grade Gaffers Tape Scapa 425 Pro-Grade Gaffers Tape Shurtape P-665 General Purpose Gaffers Tape

  • Polyken 512 Clear Adhesive Gaffers Tape

    Polyken 512 Gaffers Tape is the only true gaffers tape on the market with a clear adhesive, making it invisible at the sides of the tape. Most gaffers tape has a white adhesive that can be seen from the cut and natural sides of the tape, but the clear adhesive of Polyken 512 gaff tape won't interfere with even the most demanding production applications. Berry Plastics/Polyken has taken their old 585 and simply improved upon it. Polyken 512 offers good adhesion, is easily removed from most surfaces, and effortlessly unwinds from the roll. This tape has a 12 mil low gloss, vinyl coated cloth tape with a rubber based clear adhesive. The matte-finish of Polyken 512 Gaffers Tape has less reflective characteristics and provides a low sheen. Typical Applications Hold down wiring in the photography and film, convention, and hospitality industries Color Coding Repair Wrapping metals and plastics Seat repair Bundling wires Bookbinding Features and Benefits Clear adhesive - less visibility Super high tack for a variety of surfaces and applications Excellent durability and conformability

  • 3M Scotch GT2 Gaffers Tape

    3M GT2 Gaffers Tape is a high-strength, conformable tape, made with a premium matte cotton cloth and commonly found on movie sets worldwide. Its matte finish makes it an excellent choice for concealing wires used in audio and video setups. 3M GT2 Gaffers Tape is durable yet highly conformable to irregular surfaces, can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, and adhere it to hard-to-reach areas and tough spots. 3M GT2 Gaffers Tape has been engineered to be user-friendly and offers all the benefits industrial professionals expect in a gaff tape. High-strength, hand tearable, and smooth and controlled unwind are just a few features of 3M GT2 Gaffers Tape. You can tear the tape into narrower strips if needed and expect easy handling, all contributing to a quicker application process. Features and Benefits Use indoors and outdoors for various projects Easily tear by hand Good adhesion to many surfaces and removes clean High-strength and conformability Good quick stick Applications Bundling, holding, splicing, and marking Attach wires Labling applications Low-light reflectance backing for entertainment and video productions

  • ISC Dull-Finish Racer's Tape [Gaffers Tape]

    ISC Dull-Finish Racer's Tape will get you to the finish line every Saturday night. A high-quality gaffers tape on an ISC Racer's Tape branded core, this vinyl coated cloth tape is designed for use in the motorsports industry. With a thickness of 12 mils and high adhesion and tensile strength, it will hold securely while conforming to irregular surfaces. And it's rated to perform at up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you know it can handle the extreme temperatures and tempers of racing. Racer's tape can be used for marking your pit box, emergency body repairs, tool marking and waterproofing. It comes in a variety of colors with a low gloss finish, so your touch-up work won't stick out unless you want it to. And since it comes off clean, you won't waste time scraping off gummy residue back at the shop. Get a wheel up on the competition today.

  • Shurtape P-68 Ultra Premium Grade Cloth Gaffers Tape

    Shurtape P-68 Ultra-Premium Grade Gaffers Tape is a heavy-duty tape designed for your toughest jobs. This vinyl coated matte cloth tape is about 2 mils thicker than standard gaffers tape and also has a higher tensile strength for secure adhesion and binding. In addition, it has a waterproof backing, is abrasion resistant, and is rated for temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for premium performance even in extreme conditions. Ultra-premium gaffers tape is ideal for any standard gaffer's applications, including securing carpets and cables, book binding and vinyl repair. It can also be used for hanging projector screens, repairing chair armrests and even to connect piping - the only limit is your imagination. Each roll tears easily without fraying for quick application and comes off residue-free. Please note that Shurtape P 68 is available in black and white colors, but the red color has been discontinued. Features & Benefits High tensile strength Conformable Waterproof backing Abrasion resistant Hand tearable Matte surface

  • 3M Scotch 6910 Gaffers Tape

    3M 6910 Gaffers Tape is a vinyl-coated cloth tape that's essential gear in the entertainment industry. Its rubber adhesive coating sticks well without leaving residue even on irregular surfaces, and it high tensile strength makes it transfer-resistant. A low-reflectance matte backing makes it ideal for jobs where light reflection is a concern. 3M gaffer tape is also both heat- and moisture-resistant to perform in in a variety of environments. Black gaffers tape is commonly used to anchor or bundle cables and wires for film, theater and dance productions, along with securing temporary carpets for trade shows and conventions. It can also be used for vinyl and leather seat repair, splicing floors, book-binding, sealing containers, and even taping plastic over windows. You can order single rolls or bulk cases to get a versatile, hard-working tape from an industry-leading brand. Other benefits and features of 3M 6910 include: Low light reflectance backing for entertainment and video productions. Rubber adhesive adheres well to many surfaces and is transfer resistant. High strength, conformable and moisture resistant backing. Easy tear.

  • FindTape Theater/Production Tape Pack

    Our Theater/Production Tape Pack has every kind of tape a theater/drama student or backstage production professional needs and makes a great gift. This variety package includes eight different tape products from top brands such as JVCC, Scapa and Polyken for a variety of set and design uses. The package kicks off with a spike tape multi-pack, containing nine different colors of spike tape for marking set and prop locations or bundling wires. Separate rolls of black and white mid-grade gaffers tape can be used to protect and anchor cables and wire, while the double coated carpet tape invisibly secures carpet to the backstage floor or walkways. Glow-in-the-dark gaffers tape can be affixed to stairways and baseboards for visibility during an emergency. Polyester felt tape for fabric repair and edging, blue painters tape and cool measurement ruler tape round out this essential collection. The following items are included: 1 pack of JVCC Spike-Pack Spike Tape Multi-Pack 1/2 in. x 60 ft. / Assorted (Fluorescent Green, Fl. Orange, Fl. Pink, Fl. Yellow, Brown, Grey, Red, White, Yellow). 1 roll of Scapa 225 Mid-Grade Gaffers Tape 2 in. x 60 yds. (Black). 1 roll of Scapa 225 Mid-Grade Gaffers Tape 2 in. x 60 yds. (White). 1 roll of Polyken 105C Multi-Purpose Double Coated Carpet Tape 2 in. x 75 ft. (Natural). 1 item of JVCC GLW Glow in the Dark Tape [6 Hour] 1/2 in. x 30 ft. (Luminescent Lime Green). 1 roll of JVCC FELT-06 Polyester Felt Tape [1mm thick felt] 2 in. x 75 ft. (Black). 1 roll of Shurtape CP-27 14-Day Blue Painters Tape 1 in. x 60 yds. (Blue). 1 roll of Pro Tapes Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape 1/2 in. x 50 yds. (Yellow with Black printing / Imperial scale).

  • Shurtape P-691 Premium Nuclear Grade Vinyl-Coated Cloth Tape

    Shurtape P-691 Premium Nuclear Grade Vinyl-Coated Cloth Tape is some of the strongest tape on the market today. This 12.25 mil think cloth tape has a stunning 80 ounces per inch of adhesion and 70 pounds per inch of tensile strength. It also has a waterproof backing, is abrasion-resistant, and is rated to operate at temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If this tape is good enough to seal clean rooms and protect surfaces from welding spatter in a nuclear facility, then the sky is the limit for other uses. Holding and bundling plastics and metals? No problem. Providing abrasion protection for a workbench or stage? Piece of cake. Need to waterproof a container or package? Just tape it up. This hand-tearable, conformable tape will get the job done. Note: must order a minimum of three cases per purchase. Shurtape P 691 advantages / benefits include: Waterproof backing. Abrasion resistant. Conformable. Hand tearable.

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