Polyester (High Performance, Adhesion Testing, Etc.) Sitemap

Polyester (High Performance, Adhesion Testing, Etc.) Sitemap

There are many types of packaging tape available, but one of the strongest varieties is polyester packaging tape. These products offer an incredibly high level of adhesion to ensure that everything you're taping up stays totally secure and sealed.

  • Intertape LA-26 Polyester/Rope-Fiber Laminate Tape

    Intertape LA-26 Polyester/Rope-Fiber Laminate Tape combines the moisture, chemical, abrasion and puncture resistance of polyester film with the machine direction strength and dimensional stability of rope-fiber paper backing, this pressure sensitive adhesive is designed for use in high temperature conditions. It is ideal for tabbing, holding and wrapping, masking PCB gold fingers during wave solder and HAL operations. It can also be used for "powder coat" masking. It is also currently being considered as a replacement to Permacel P-99 for ASTM D3359-08 adhesion testing along with a few other tapes.

  • JVCC PES-32G Polyester Film Packaging Tape

    JVCC PES-32G Polyester Film Packaging Tape is a heavy-duty polyester film packaging tape used to meet the highest of quality & performance requirements. It is used for packaging, sealing, and splicing. This tape features extremely aggressive hot melt rubber based adhesive that insures instant holding power and provides a quick reliable seal when used for strip closure of regular slotted containers, overlap sealing, and fiber drum sealing. This polyester carton sealing tape is used for government packaging since it doesn't stretch or elongate like standard BOPP film packaging tape does.

  • Shurtape HP-800 Heavy-Duty Grade Packaging Tape [Polyester]

    Shurtape HP-800 Heavy-Duty Grade Packaging Tape is an extremely tough packaging tape used for heavy duty bottom carton seals. Ideal for packing military supplies, high-value electronic components and sealing hazardous materials and chemicals. This is a 3.4 mil thick tape that is constructed from polyester film, not biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film like most carton sealing tapes. HP 800 is one of the strongest, thickest packaging tape available. it has excellent high tack adhesion to corrugate and high abrasion resistance. The polyester tear-resistant film lasts the life of the box.

  • 3M Scotch 720 Film Fiber Tape

    3M Scotch 720 Film Fiber Tape is used for general purpose sealing applications, attaching, and L-clip sealing; especially when treated paper overwraps and other hard-to-stick surfaces are used. The tape is hand tearable and has a semi-transparent backing with an aggressive, high-tack, rubber resin adhesive. Features of the tape include: easily used without the aid of a dispenser; printed data on containers and cartons won't be obliterated; sticks to treated paper overwraps.

  • Nitto (Permacel) P-99 Polyester/Fiber Packaging Tape

    Nitto Denko / Permacel P-99 Packaging Tape is used for general-purpose packaging, sealing, protecting and high-tensile splicing applications. P99 Tape is well suited for packaging when governmental specifications are involved, and with difficult to splice materials such as coated wall covering papers and cloths, and polyurethane-coated fabrics. The tape is also frequently used for adhesion peel strength testing. Features & Benefits Semi-translucent tape. Excellent quick-stick and high-hold characteristics. Moisture and abrasion resistant. Provides the plus-strength of polyester film. Will not conceal surface printing when burnished.

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