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Change to display web site prices in Argentine Peso ARS$ currency.
Regions in AR we ship to: Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires [AR-C], Buenos Aires [AR-B], Catamarca [AR-K], Chaco [AR-H], Chubut [AR-U], Cordoba [AR-X], Corrientes [AR-W], Entre Rios [AR-E], Formosa [AR-P], Jujuy [AR-Y], La Pampa [AR-L], La Rioja [AR-F], Mendoza [AR-M], Misiones [AR-N], Neuquen [AR-Q], Rio Negro [AR-R], Salta [AR-A], San Juan [AR-J], San Luis [AR-D], Santa Cruz [AR-Z], Santa Fe [AR-S], Santiago del Estero [AR-G], Tierra del Fuego [AR-V], Tucuman [AR-T]

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