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Regions in BR we ship to: Acre [AC], Alagoas [AL], Amapa [AP], Amazonas [AM], Bahia [BA], Ceara [CE], Distrito Federal [DF], Espirito Santo [ES], Goias [GO], Maranhao [MA], Mato Grosso [MT], Mato Grosso do Sul [MS], Minas Gerais [MG], Para [PA], Paraiba [PB], Parana [PR], Pernambuco [PE], Piaui [PI], Rio de Janeiro [RJ], Rio Grande do Norte [RN], Rio Grande do Sul [RS], Rondonia [RO], Roraima [RR], Santa Catarina [SC], Sao Paulo [SP], Sergipe [SE], Tocantins [TO]

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