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Regions in CH we ship to: Aargau [AG], Appenzell Ausserrhoden [AR], Appenzell Innerrhoden [AI], Basel-Landschaft [BL], Basel-Stadt [BS], Bern [BE], Fribourg [FR], Geneva [GE], Glarus [GL], Graubunden [GR], Jura [JU], Luzern [LU], Neuchatel [NE], Nidwalden [NW], Obwalden [OW], Sankt Gallen [SG], Schaffhausen [SH], Schwyz [SZ], Solothurn [SO], Thurgau [TG], Ticino [TI], Uri [UR], Valais [VS], Vaud [VD], Zug [ZG], Zurich [ZH]

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