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Regions in JP we ship to: Aichi [JP-23], Akita [JP-05], Aomori [JP-02], Ehime [JP-38], Gifu [JP-21], Gunma [JP-10], Hiroshima [JP-34], Hokkaido [JP-01], Fukui [JP-18], Fukuoka [JP-40], Fukushima [JP-07], Hyogo [JP-28], Ibaraki [JP-08], Ishikawa [JP-17], Iwate [JP-03], Kagawa [JP-37], Kagoshima [JP-46], Kanagawa [JP-14], Kochi [JP-39], Kumamoto [JP-43], Kyoto [JP-26], Mie [JP-24], Miyagi [JP-04], Miyazaki [JP-45], Nagano [JP-20], Nagasaki [JP-42], Nara [JP-29], Niigata [JP-15], Oita [JP-44], Okayama [JP-33], Okinawa [JP-47], Osaka [JP-27], Saga [JP-41], Saitama [JP-11], Shiga [JP-25], Shimane [JP-32], Shizuoka [JP-22], Chiba [JP-12], Tochigi [JP-09], Tokushima [JP-36], Tokyo [JP-13], Tottori [JP-31], Toyama [JP-16], Wakayama [JP-30], Yamagata [JP-06], Yamaguchi [JP-35], Yamanashi [JP-19]

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