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Regions in SI we ship to: Ajdovscina [SI-001], Ankaran [SI-213], Apace [SI-195], Beltinci [SI-002], Benedikt [SI-148], Bistrica ob Sotli [SI-149], Bled [SI-003], Bloke [SI-150], Bohinj [SI-004], Borovnica [SI-005], Bovec [SI-006], Braslovce [SI-151], Brda [SI-007], Brezice [SI-009], Brezovica [SI-008], Cankova [SI-152], Celje [SI-011], Cerklje ne Gorenjskem [SI-012], Cerknica [SI-013], Cerkno [SI-014], Cerkvenjak [SI-153], Cirkulane [SI-196], Crensovci [SI-015], Crna na Koroskem [SI-016], Crnomelj [SI-017], Destrnik [SI-018], Divaca [SI-019], Dobje [SI-154], Dobrepolje [SI-020], Dobma [SI-155], Dobrova–Polhov Gradec [SI-021], Dobrovnik [SI-156], Dolenjske Toplice [SI-157], Dol pri Ljubljani [SI-022], Domzale [SI-023], Dornava [SI-024], Dravograd [SI-025], Duplek [SI-026], Gorenja vas–Poljane [SI-027], Gorisnica [SI-028], Gorje [SI-207], Gornja Radgona [SI-029], Gornji Grad [SI-030], Gornji Petrovci [SI-031], Grad [SI-158], Grosuplje [SI-032], Hajdina [SI-159], Hoce–Slivnica [SI-160], Hodos [SI-161], Horjul [SI-162], Hrastnik [SI-034], Hrpelje-Kozina [SI-035], Idrija [SI-036], Ig [SI-037], Ilirska Bistrica [SI-038], Ivancna Gorica [SI-039], Izola [SI-040], Jesenice [SI-041], Jezersko [SI-163], Jursinci [SI-042], Kamnik [SI-043], Kanal [SI-044], Kidricevo [SI-045], Kobarid [SI-046], Kobilje [SI-047], Kocevje [SI-048], Komen [SI-049], Komenda [SI-164], Koper [SI-050], Kosanjevica na Krki [SI-197], Kostel [SI-165], Kozje [SI-051], Kranj [SI-052], Kranjska Gora [SI-053], Krizevci [SI-166], Krsko [SI-054], Kungota [SI-055], Kuzma [SI-056], Lasko [SI-057], Lenart [SI-058], Lendava [SI-059], Litija [SI-060], Ljubljana [SI-061], Ljubno [SI-062], Ljutomer [SI-063], Logatec [SI-064], Log-Dragomer [SI-208], Loska Dolina [SI-065], Loski Potok [SI-066], Lovrenc na Pohorju [SI-167], Luce [SI-067], Lukovica [SI-068], Majsperk [SI-069], Makole [SI-198], Maribor [SI-070], Markovci [SI-168], Medvode [SI-071], Menges [SI-072], Metlika [SI-073], Mezica [SI-074], Miklavz na Dravskem Polju [SI-169], Miren-Kostanjevica [SI-075], Mirna [SI-212], Mirna Pec [SI-170], Mislinja [SI-076], Mokronog-Trebelno [SI-199], Moravce [SI-077], Moravske Toplice [SI-078], Mozirje [SI-079], Murska Sobota [SI-080], Muta [SI-081], Naklo [SI-082], Nazarje [SI-083], Nova Gorica [SI-084], Novo Mesto [SI-085], Odranci [SI-086], Oplotnica [SI-171], Ormoz [SI-087], Osilnica [SI-088], Pesnica [SI-089], Piran [SI-090], Pivka [SI-091], Podcetrtek [SI-092], Podlehnik [SI-172], Podvelka [SI-093], Poljcane [SI-200], Polzela [SI-173], Postojna [SI-094], Prebold [SI-174], Preddvor [SI-095], Prevalje [SI-175], Ptuj [SI-096], Puconci [SI-097], Race–Fram [SI-098], Radece [SI-099], Radenci [SI-100], Radlje ob Dravi [SI-101], Radovljica [SI-102], Ravne na Koroskem [SI-103], Razkrizje [SI-176], Recica ob Savinji [SI-209], Rence-Vogrsko [SI-201], Ribnica [SI-104], Ribnica na Pohorju [SI-177], Rogaska Slatina [SI-106], Rogasovci [SI-105], Rogatec [SI-107], Ruse [SI-108], Selnica ob Dravi [SI-178], Semic [SI-109], Sevnica [SI-110], Sezana [SI-111], Slovenj Gradec [SI-112], Slovenska Bistrica [SI-113], Slovenske Konjice [SI-114], Sodrazica [SI-179], Solcava [SI-180], Sredisce ob Dravi [SI-202], Starse [SI-115], Straza [SI-203], Sveta Ana [SI-181], Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih Goricah [SI-204], Sveti Andraz v Slovenskih Goricah [SI-182], Sveti Jurij [SI-116], Sveti Jurij v Slovenskih Goricah [SI-210], Sveti Tomaz [SI-205], Salovci [SI-033], Sempeter-Vrtojba [SI-183], Sencur [SI-117], Sentilj [SI-118], Sentjernej [SI-119], Sentjur [SI-120], Sentrupert [SI-211], Skocjan [SI-121], Skofja Loka [SI-122], Skofljica [SI-123], Smarje pri Jelsah [SI-124], Smarjeske Toplice [SI-206], Smartno ob Paki [SI-125], Smartno pri Litiji [SI-194], Sostanj [SI-126], Store [SI-127], Tabor [SI-184], Tisina [SI-010], Tolmin [SI-128], Trbovlje [SI-129], Trebnje [SI-130], Trnovska Vas [SI-185], Trzin [SI-186], Trzic [SI-131], Turnisce [SI-132], Velenje [SI-133], Velika Polana [SI-187], Velike Lasce [SI-134], Verzej [SI-188], Videm [SI-135], Vipava [SI-136], Vitanje [SI-137], Vodice [SI-138], Vojnik [SI-139], Vransko [SI-189], Vrhnika [SI-140], Vuzenica [SI-141], Zagorje ob Savi [SI-142], Zavrc [SI-143], Zrece [SI-144], Zalec [SI-190], Zelezniki [SI-146], Zetale [SI-191], Ziri [SI-147], Zirovnica [SI-192], Zuzemberk [SI-193]

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