Put on a great show with professional theater and entertainment tape from FindTape. Commonly used in film and TV studios, theaters, music venues, dance studios, comedy clubs and much more, these high-quality tapes can help address a wide range of production-related needs.

Of course, the most popular theater and entertainment tape is vinyl-coated cloth gaffers tape, and FindTape offers plenty of options to meet that need. We also supply glow-in-the-dark tape, neon gaffers tape, tie line, polyester felt (Duvetyne tape), Kraft paper tape, vinyl electrical tape, crepe paper masking tape, painter's tape and double-sided carpet tape for a myriad of production needs.

Product Applications

  • Affixing cables to floors, walls and other surfaces
  • Hiding and securing cables and wires
  • Marking dance floors
  • Securing Marley floors
  • Spiking stages for actor cues, props and more
  • Installing temporary carpet
  • Set design and prop creation
  • Marking hazardous and off-limits areas
  • Marking and labeling equipment, cables and wires

For set designers and creators, make sure to explore our great selection of high-quality gaffers tape, felt tape, double-sided tape and painter's tape. These products will help you create a stunning, one-of-a-kind set without leaving behind any damaging film or residue. Hang backdrops, temporarily install carpet and create props and costumes with this tape. We also have a large collection of spiking tape and dance floor tape that's specifically designed for use on flooring. Mark stages for props, actor cues and more using residue-free colored stage and set spike tape from FindTape.com.

Not sure which type of theater tape to choose? FindTape offers an exclusive <a href="https://www.findtape.com/FindTape-Theater-Production-Tape-Pack/p298/">Theater/Production Tape Pack</a> that can address all of your production-related adhesive demands. It also makes a great option for those testing various types of entertainment and gaffers tape, since it includes eight of our most popular styles.

Our collection of tapes for dancers and dance studios includes a large selection of colored and non-colored vinyl tape, gaffers tape, double-coated carpet tape, spike tape, glow-in-the-dark tape and other essentials that will help meet your individual dance studio's demands. These tapes are excellent for use in studios where everyday practice is a concern as well as in theaters and production spaces requiring permanent stage marking, set design, prop mounting and floor bonding.

JVCC V-36P is a vinyl tape that we often sell to dance studios to secure marley floors in place. Available in a wide range of colors and a <a href="https://www.findtape.com/JVCC-V-36P-Premium-Colored-Vinyl-Tape/p375/?cid=157&idx=1&tid=1&info=Applications%252fDancers%2b%2526%2bDance%2bStudios">premium</a> and <a href="https://www.findtape.com/JVCC-V-36-Colored-Vinyl-Tape/p140/?cid=157&idx=5&tid=1&info=Applications%252fDancers%2b%2526%2bDance%2bStudios">standard</a> option (the premium is 1 mil thicker and has 25 percent more adhesion than the regular option), this tape is highly conformable and has great abrasion resistance, so it will hold up for the long run against constant abuse. For marking dance floors, you can also use some of our high-quality gaffers tape or spike tape, both of which are designed for residue-free removal on floors. Double-sided carpet tape is also a great choice for installing temporary or permanent dance studio flooring. You can also use our pre-cut vinyl dots and arrows if you'd like to mark your dance floors with easy-to-apply symbols to aid in choreography and dance formation during practice.

If you're still not sure which type of tape to purchase for your specific demands, you can use our <a href="https://www.findtape.com/shop/finder.aspx">Advanced Tape Finder</a> or e-mail <a href="mailto:questions@findtape.com">questions@findtape.com</a>. We'll always do our best to help you find the appropriate products for your specific applications.

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