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Flooring and carpeting tapes are helpful tools for professional, quality flooring installation and temporary flooring applications. FindTape offers many unique flooring tape options, including the ever-popular double-sided tapes designed to help you achieve either removable or permanent adhesion of rugs or carpeting over existing flooring.

In addition to double-sided flooring tape, FindTape.com also supplies scrim tape, fiberglass tape, PVC film tape and adhesive latex foam in this selection. We carry top tape brands, including Scapa, JVCC, Duck Brand, Shurtape and Polyken. As always, our team of tape experts is available to help you make the right purchase.

Product Applications

  • Temporary carpet adhesion, especially in conventions and exhibitions
  • Permanent carpet adhesion and mat bonding in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Carpet installation on aircraft interiors and stairs
  • Bonding carpet and plastic baseboard molding to walls, ceilings, modular units, etc.
  • Carpet seaming (joining pieces of carpet together without special tools or irons)

Double-sided cloth carpet tape is one of our most popular carpet tape options. This type of tape is most often used to temporarily secure carpeting over existing flooring, especially in the hospitality and convention industries, because it provides superior adhesion to many flooring types and provides residue-free removal. We also supply many specialty double-coated cloth carpet tape at FindTape, including flame-retardant cloth carpet tape that can be used in rigorous, commercial environments, such as on the steps and interiors of aircrafts. Additionally, we carry heavy-duty outdoor carpet tape that offers tea and moisture-resistant performance in rugged outdoor environments.

If you need a high-quality tape for bonding carpet and baseboard molding, we recommend choosing one of our scrim tapes. This tape is commonly used to adhere carpet and plastic baseboards to walls, ceilings, modular units and more. Choose one of our moisture- and mildew-resistant fiberglass carpeting tapes for moist environments like the basement or deck or choose a carpet seaming tape for quickly joining carpet pieces together without the need for special tools or irons. Please note that while all of these options are recommended for use in various flooring and carpeting jobs, their applications are not limited. Click on each product to find complete information and application suggestions.

If you're looking for tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications.

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