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Jeanne M. Verified Buyer May 16, 2019
Great bag sealers
These machines and tape are so reasonably priced by the case and they arrived fast. Our group had three at first to seal bags stuffed with a napkin, plastic ware, salt, pepper and a bib. Once they tried them we had to get more. All 13 worked great, never any issue with them.
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Geoffrey M Verified Buyer May 31, 2020
FrogTape Delicate Surface Order
Continuing thanks for my box of "FROGS" needed for my works; special thanks to Barbara for being there particularly during these isolated times. 5 stars!!!!
Eliane J. Feb 20, 2022 has excellent customer service, prompt delivery and return policy (refund also).
atterol Jul 08, 2021
Fast turn around
I ordered through a 12oz can of Bondo Wood Filler and chose LLC for its fulfillment. The item arrived in less than one week (including federal holiday) via USPS. This particular size can is no longer being carried by the local hardware and box stores in my area. I will resource this company in the future.
Aaron Hall Verified Buyer Jun 13, 2021
Gaff Tape heaven
I've been using the Scapa 125 economy gaff tape for years. This year we decided to buy the gaff tape challenge pack and see if there is a product we love even more. As the person paying for the tape I hope the cheapest wins. We shall see in the coming months as the crew uses the other tapes.
A.J. Horne Verified Buyer Mar 01, 2021
Best Tape Solutions anywhere
The staff and owner are very knowledgeable regarding difficult applications. Huge variety of tape not found anywhere else and EXCELLENT quality. Prompt and responsive customer service too. Recommend them highly!
steve e. Verified Buyer Apr 18, 2020
Scotch SJ3571/SJ3572
Great product, packaged well and shipped immediately.Highly recommend
Behrouz M. Verified Buyer Apr 13, 2020
Excellent service overall
Excellent service overall
Michael A. Verified Buyer Apr 10, 2020
Rick H. Verified Buyer Apr 04, 2020
Almost works
I ordered a roll of brown tape so I could cut a piece to cover a tear on my recliner. The ordering process was easy and the turnaround time was great. I should have ordered a darker color because this didn't match. I put a 6" piece vertically over the split and the top end curled on one corner. As recommended, I used a razor blade to cut the tape off of the roll supposedly to prevent curling. I am disappointed more in my color selection and I will use this resource again.
Goodson Verified Buyer Apr 02, 2020
Couldn’t Live Without This Tape!
I’m so thankful that I can get this tape for my pink ATG tape runner. It works just as good as the Scotch brand, and it’s a great value!
Alan J. Verified Buyer Apr 02, 2020
Felt tape
Works great.
WILLIAM M. Verified Buyer Mar 15, 2020
Great product
Great product
Jim M. Verified Buyer Mar 13, 2020
Great place for all types of tape
I searched for y’all tape and found Find tape. I was amazed at the selection of tape from everyday tape to speciality tapes. Fast shipping, good prices.
G G. Verified Buyer Mar 12, 2020
Well done :+1:
Well done :+1:
Kathleen P. Verified Buyer Mar 03, 2020
1/4" ATG Rolls
I appreciate the way the company makes sure I'm ordering the right rolls for my particular tape glider. The price is terrific, and shipping just couldn't be any faster. Great service, prompt delivery.
Lori P. Verified Buyer Feb 27, 2020
Excellent service, excellent products.
Excellent service, excellent products.

Product Reviews

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Irma N. Verified Buyer Mar 02, 2020
Very happy
JVCC REPAIR-2HD Leather & Vinyl Patch Repair Tape [Duct Tape]
I had a vinyl chair that my cats loved too much. I was able to cover up the worst of it and the color is a close match so I'm very happy. Thank you.
JVCC REPAIR-2HD Leather & Vinyl Patch Repair Tape [Duct Tape]
mark e. Verified Buyer Feb 03, 2020
Hazard Tape Works Well
JVCC HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct Tape
We are General Contractors. We use the hazard tape to hold down Masonite floor protection. Is wide enough to grab and hold the material and the adhesive is light emoticon not ruin the adjoining carpet or flooring it is protecting. We love the Hazard Tape!
JVCC HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct Tape
Robert H. Verified Buyer Jan 27, 2020
JVCC EX-4M Quadruple-Roll Steel Desktop Tape Dispenser
This thing is a monster. Almost ten pounds. I love it. It sits on my desk unwaveringly. Ready to serve. Love the staggered blades for easy access to each tape. Thank you Find Tape. I have seen this dispenser for double the price and one similar for 4 times the price. I know it will last long after I retire.
JVCC EX-4M Quadruple-Roll Steel Desktop Tape Dispenser
STEPHEN S. Verified Buyer Jan 06, 2020
Animal reflector color
Oralite GP-340 Garment Retroreflective Trim [sew on]
I had tried many different brands reflector tape over the years this tape is the highest quality that I can find up-to-date making animal reflector collars attached by 5 lb pulled velcro self adhesive tape. January 1st 2020 I just went over my 1000 collar order.
Oralite GP-340 Garment Retroreflective Trim [sew on]
Goodson Verified Buyer Oct 08, 2019
Long Time User
JVCC ATG-7502 ATG Tape [Acid Neutral]
This is great tape for my ATG pink tape runner. I scrapbook constantly and this works for me!
JVCC ATG-7502 ATG Tape [Acid Neutral]
Tracy H. Verified Buyer Oct 02, 2019
Colored vinyl tape
JVCC V-36P Premium Colored Vinyl Tape
Really pleased with this product, I used it to make a sensory pathway on the floor in the therapy room in my school . It seems to be durable so far but time will tell
JVCC V-36P Premium Colored Vinyl Tape
Leah H. Verified Buyer Sep 18, 2019
Great Floor Tape for CrossFit Box Gym Events!
JVCC HZ-8 Hazard Warning Tape [6 mils thick]
Great Floor Tape for CrossFit Box Gym Events!
JVCC HZ-8 Hazard Warning Tape [6 mils thick]
Tara G. Verified Buyer Aug 27, 2019
JVCC MPF-01 Metalized Polyester Film Tape [Mirror-Like]
I used this tape you outline and accentuate an arrow pattern I painted on my daughters wall. This tape is beautiful, shiny and really makes the wall design pop!
JVCC MPF-01 Metalized Polyester Film Tape [Mirror-Like]
Mark M. Verified Buyer Jul 12, 2019
No title
Oralite 5900 HIP Prismatic-Grade Reflective Tape
It did what I expected it to do.
Oralite 5900 HIP Prismatic-Grade Reflective Tape
Kari C. Verified Buyer Jun 04, 2019
Great tape
JVCC BST-24 Bag Sealing Tape
Using the tape to close my bags for my business, very pleased with the results!
JVCC BST-24 Bag Sealing Tape
Melanie Verified Buyer Apr 15, 2019
Awesome tape, thanks so much ,big fans, Beau & Melanie<3
JVCC EL7566-AW Premium Grade Electrical Tape
Fantastic tape!!!!!, I’m using it for Bodhran taping , it works great, thanks again, BeauS. & Melanie<3
JVCC EL7566-AW Premium Grade Electrical Tape
Jason B. Verified Buyer Mar 20, 2019
Tape works great and looks
FindTape Marine Anti-Slip Tape [Salt Resistant]
Tape works great and looks great! Thanks I'm ordering two more rolls today to finish job on my boat I restored. Great product.
FindTape Marine Anti-Slip Tape [Salt Resistant]
Sacha W. Verified Buyer Feb 07, 2019
It's tape!
Shurtape CP-631 Colored Masking Tape
This product met my expectations. I placed an order through, which was a pretty standard web order process. The tape has a sticky side, and a not sticky side. The not sticky side is black, which is what I ordered so no problems there. It comes on a roll, and you can choose from various widths. I chose the width that is appropriate for my use of the tape, which is none of your business. It seems to be made of paper, so it is easy to tear a piece off when you need one. The roll fits onto our standard masking tape dispenser, so that's nice. My order was packaged with appropriate care, and arrived after a reasonable amount of time for shipping. Altogether, I award this product (and online shopping experience) four stars. I am holding one back because there weren't stickers or candy in the box.
Shurtape CP-631 Colored Masking Tape
Lois E Leffler Verified Buyer Feb 23, 2022
Shurtape VP-410 Vinyl Film tape
Shurtape VP-410 Vinyl Film Tape [SPVC]
Was impressed with the quick delivery of the tape. This tape is most useful for me at work because it meets OSHA standards for covering battery terminals in my returns to our warehouse.
Debbie Feb 04, 2022
Excellent product
Powecom GB2626-AA KN95 Respirator Mask
Excellent quality . Finally a genuine kn95 mask . Very comfortable.
David Rosenberg Verified Buyer Nov 21, 2021
Duck Brand Max best thing since sliced bread.
Duck Brand EW Max Strength Extreme Weather Duct Tape
Duck Max Strength Extreme Weather tape is indestructable in the worst a Canadian winter can throw at it yet removes without a trace of adhesive.
Stu Young Verified Buyer Oct 16, 2021
Works on concrete, hangs on even when wet
JVCC DC-SCRIM-9 Double-Sided Scrim Tape [Heavy Duty]
I run my snowmobile into my garage onto a piece of carpet. I've used this tape for several seasons now to stick the carpet to the cold concrete floor. I tape the carpet down when both it and the concrete are dry. After that the carpet remains soggy throughout the winter. The tape hangs in there even with the shear force of the snowmobile track and skis acting on it.

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