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Sports & Athletics

Every sports medicine professional knows that athletic tape is key to encouraging fast, healthy healing. FindTape has a broad assortment of high-quality sports and athletic products that can help with everything from first-aid bandaging and injury support to adding grip and friction to hockey sticks.

Explore our complete selection to find the right sports tapes for your specific needs.

Product Applications

  • Protecting wounds and injuries
  • Securing bandaging and ice packs
  • Patellofemoral taping
  • Supporting injuries
  • Custom padding over lacerations, bumps and bruises
  • Padding ski boots, hiking boots and more
  • Adding grip to equipment for hockey, baseball, golf, and more.
  • Increase traction on, snow ski poles, water sport handles, weight lifting equipment handles and more
  • Securing safety mats to gym and arena floors for wrestling, roller derby, and more.
  • Marking hazardous and prohibited areas
  • Taping roller derby tracks

For first-aid applications, we recommend choosing non-elastic or rigid athletic tape, stretch athletic tape, foam underwrap or adhesive-backed moleskin, depending on your specific needs. Our best-selling athletic stretch tape options are hand-tearable for easy custom sizing in emergency situations and feature a stretchy feel to accommodate for range of motion. You may also prefer to use rigid athletic tape if you want to reduce the patient's range of motion and create joint support. We carry adhesive-backed foam, which allows you to make custom padding for areas of the body. You can choose hypoallergenic, skin-safe tape for applications where the tape will come in direct contact with the patient's body.

To add grip to your sports equipment, we recommend picking up some <a href="">3M Scotch Gripping Tape</a>. This type of tape features a high-friction surface that adds traction, reduces slip and improves grip even in wet, oily conditions. You can use this tape on snow ski poles, water sport paddles, bike handles, fishing rods, weight lifting equipment and more. For adding grip to your hockey sticks, baseball bats, and golf clubs we sell specific tapes catered to those specific applications.

One of the most important aspects to creating a safe, good-looking roller derby track is to find the right tape. FindTape has all the best roller derby tape options on the market, from high-quality gaffers tape that can be used for taping roller derby tracks to high-visibility caution tape that keeps spectators safe. All of these tapes must be easy to remove without leaving any adhesive residue behind. Because of this, vinyl-coated cloth gaffers tape and low-adhesive vinyl tape are the two most popular roller derby tapes we sell. FindTape also offers an <a href="">Aisle/Lane Marking Tape Dispenser</a> that can be used for fast, professional roller derby track taping.


Gaffers tape is a premium choice for many roller derby applications, and it's especially popular for holding down safety mats and gear. Because this type of adhesive is engineered to leave behind no residue, it's the perfect choice for taping temporary mats to gym floors and arenas for your next derby event. What's more, gaffers tape is waterproof and has a matte finish that doesn't reflect light so it's easy to see. FindTape has many gaffers tapes appropriate for roller derby, including bright colored gaffers tape, neon gaffers tape and low-cost economy gaffers tape.

For taping your roller derby track, we recommend the use of spike tape. This type of tape is specifically designed to be placed on floors, so it will last when constantly exposed to skates. FindTape offers spike tape in many eye-catching colors and designs to help you create fun or league standard tracks. Make sure to choose one of our affordable <a href="">double-coated carpet tapes</a> if you need to secure safety mats and other temporary flooring in the arena, as this type of tape offers residue-free removal and features two sticky sides for easy temporary flooring.

FindTape has a huge variety of high-quality tapes to meet all of your individual needs. If you don't see what you're looking for here, try our <a href="">Advanced Tape Finder</a>.

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