Transportation & Safety's Transportation & Safety department provides high-quality products to improve road safety and meet transportation safety regulations. Our range includes marking tapes, reflective decals, barricade tapes, and more. Shop now for traffic safety products and Public transportation safety solutions.'s Transportation & Safety department offers a wide range of products designed to promote safety and security in various industries. One of the products offered is the FindTape Marking Letters, Digits, and Shapes, which are ideal for marking out aisles, bays, escape routes, and other areas of heavy floor and wheeled traffic. Another product is the Presco Underground Non-Detectable Warning Tape, which is used in construction, turf and irrigation, CATV, utilities, and by pipeline and mechanical contractors.

For outdoor repairs, the department offers the Gorilla All Weather Tape, which is made with an incredibly strong, permanent butyl adhesive and a weather-resistant shell, capable of withstanding even extreme weather conditions. The 3M WorkTunes Electronic Hearing Protectors are wireless headphones with Bluetooth® technology that help protect the hearing while enjoying music, podcasts, audiobooks, or radio stations. The department also offers the Presco WIZPRO 1000 Barricade Tape Dispenser, which eliminates the need for extra tape, making life easier and saving money.

For automotive repair and collision experts, the Sharpline Prostripe MultiStripe Pinstriping Tape is specifically designed to meet their needs. The department also provides the FindTape Glow in the Dark Directional Marking Tape, which provides photoluminescent directional assistance in low-light or no-light situations, including disasters like fire, earthquake, power failure, etc.

The department also offers the Oralite V98 Microprismatic Retroreflective Conspicuity Tape, which is prismatic conspicuity material available in a variety of fluorescent neon colors such as lime yellow, orange, and yellow. For walking stability, the Duck Brand outdoor anti-slip tread tape offers an easy fix for stairs, RV steps, boats, docks, and ladders, plus a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces.

Cantech Automotive Lens Tape quickly and inexpensively fixes broken or cracked tail lights, turn signals, parking lights, and side directionals. The 3M Stamark Pavement Marking Tape is an alternative solution to paint when designating parking spaces, bike lanes, and divider lines on rough or inconsistent surfaces commonly found on roadways and parking lots. The department also offers the 3M Plastic Emblem and Trim Adhesive, a solvent-based adhesive that resists environmental exposures such as water and heat to maintain a solid bond.

The Heskins Porous Surface Primer is a water-based primer that helps create a stable surface for tape application. The primer helps prevent moisture from affecting the adhesive of treads and other floor marking tapes. The Oralite American Flags Microprismatic Retroreflective Decals are stickers made from Daybright reflective 5-year warranty material.

Lastly, the department offers the Shurtape BT-100 Barricade Tape, which is a non-adhesive film barrier tape used to mark off and manage access to restricted, work, or hazardous areas. It is used by professionals in safety (police, fire, EMS), construction, utilities, hardware, and other industries. Additionally, the 3M BX Dual Reader Protective Eyewear has built-in magnifying diopters on the lower lenses, providing eye safety to workers who have difficulty reading small print or seeing small details. Finally, the 3M Scotchcal Striping Tape is typically used to create single or double stripe patterns on vehicles and boats, either to match existing stripes or to create original striping designs on them.

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