Double-Sided Tape Adhesion Testing

Knowing how much weight your tape can hold saves you time, money and frustration! In this video, FindTape takes you back to science class to show you adhesion test examples of four commonly used double-side tapes. After applying two strips of each tape to the top of the weights and adding a piece of sheet metal to the tape, we’ll keep applying 5-pound increments to see where the tapes fail.

Double-Sided Tape Explained

Double-sided tape is coated with adhesive on both sides and designed to stick two surfaces together. This type of tape is extremely versatile, whether you need a permanent, outdoor and waterproof solution or a repositionable, low-tack with low residue option.

The tapes featured in the video are available on our website at, along with many other double-sided tape options to fit your project and budget requirements. We offer the best price and fast delivery to your door.

  1. JVCC DC-4109RS Double-Sided Film Tape

    This tape is the least adhesive double-sided film tape shown in the video and has 29 ounces per inch of adhesion. In this test, the tape held approximately 10-15 pounds. JVCC DC-4109RS tape is comparable to an all-purpose masking tape and is a great option for light weight objects like mounting nameplates, keyboard assembly and laminating dissimilar metals.

  2. Scapa SR516V Double-Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape

    Scapa SR516V tape is coated on both sides with a high-performance rubber adhesive and has good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. This tape has 82 ounces per inch adhesion and in our test started to pull away at 30-35 pounds. A common use for this double-sided foam tape is installing a soap container in a shower. Other more industrial uses include gasketing, spacing and sound deadening.

  3. Scapa S301 Double-Sided UPVC Film Tape

    In our video test, the Scapa S301 film tape held approximately 30-35 pounds and is the most adhesive double-sided film tape, with 167 ounces per inch of adhesion compared to a military grade duct tape which has 95 ounces per inch of adhesion. This tape is an excellent choice for difficult bonding situations, such as fabrics and anywhere you need a thin, high adhesion tape.

  4. 3M Scotch 4950 VHB Double-Sided Tape

    Holding over 45 pounds during our test, this tape has 400 ounces per inch of adhesion. Ideal for interior and exterior structural bonding applications, 3M 4950 Double-Sided tape can even be used to replace rivets. offers 3M 4950 in multiple widths and lengths including a 5-yard option in three different widths, to save you money.

If you’re not sure which tape is right for you, use our Advanced Tape Finder tool to enter all your project specifications and receive instant recommendations. You can always reach us at for technical questions. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch more videos here. Thank you for watching.

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