Uses For Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape is a versatile product that can be used in many unique and functional ways. Here we discuss several types of magnetic tape available at and their purpose.

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  1. JVCC MAG-01-W

    JVCC MAG-01-W is a write-on and wipe-off magnetic tape, ideal for warehouse shelving and product identification. This magnetic tape does not have an adhesive backing but the magnetic side is attracted to ferromagnetic materials such as iron and nickel. You can easily use a dry erase marker to quickly write-on and wipe-off inventory or product names or other identification needs. When you need to move the product to a different location, simply pull the magnetic strip off the shelf and place it in the new location. Additional applications for this magnetic tape are whiteboards, store and retail shelves, schedule and planning boards and control charts.

  2. JVCC MAG-01

    JVCC MAG-01 is an adhesive backed flexible magnetic tape mounted on a thin polyester film. The rolls are adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other. You can stick the adhesive side of the magnetic tape to an object and then place it on a ferromagnetic item or in a specific location. The JVCC MAG-01 would be ideal for lighter weight applications such as signage or craft projects.

  3. JVCC MAG-02

    JVCC MAG-02 is also an adhesive-backed, flexible magnetic tape, with adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other. This product as twice the thickness of JVCC MAG-01 and will be able to support more weight on its magnetized side. The MAG-02 product can be used in industrial and home applications such as; mounting signage, building displays, attaching lighter weight tools to machinery, hanging artwork, window coverings and much more.

FindTape is often asked if the magnetic tapes will stick to each other, and the simple answer is no. The types of magnetic tape highlighted here are single pole, meaning the tape is NOT attracted to itself – it repels. The magnetic side is attracted to ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel and cobalt or a magnet of the opposite polarity.

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