Unusual Ways to Use Adhesive Tape

Customers love to share their unusual ways to use tape for projects and ideas. In this video, we show you some of the ways to use adhesive tape in non-traditional ways. Be sure to share your ideas and best tips with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dog Hair Dilemma

If your dog or any pet sheds, you probably have a sticky tape lint roller handy and perhaps one in every room. Lint rollers are a good choice for smooth, low-profile surfaces, like your shirt or pants. But sometimes you may need to remove hair from a raised profile surface or something that has grooves.

Here we demonstrate using a thick adhesive tape (such as gaffers tape or duct tape) to remove dog hair from a mat. Tear a piece of tape from the roll and place on the surface and into the grooves of the object. Immediately pull the tape from the object and now you have a surface free of hair and other lint. You will see the best results on uneven surfaces when using an adhesive tape like gaff tape because it conforms to and around shapes. In this case into the grooves of the mat.

Remove Lightbulbs

How much tape does it take to remove a light bulb? Just enough to give you some grip! Whether your lightbulb is stuck into a socket, difficult to reach or your fingers don’t fit into that recessed track lighting, adhesive tape can help.

We have found the best procedure is turn off the light and let the bulb cool down to the touch, then place a small piece of tape onto the bulb and then you have a surface to assist in changing the lightbulb. We have found a thicker piece of tape works better, such as a gaff tape or duct tape.

Unstick Your Go-Pro Batteries

Normally we are focused on getting something stuck, but we have heard from our Customers that occasionally they have trouble un-sticking their Go-Pro batteries from the case. We show you how to use sticky tape to un-stick your batteries.

Although you can use a gaffers tape, duct tape or other thick adhesive tape for this trick, we recommend a product like Patco 5075 Wire Harness Attachment Tape. This tape has extremely high-adhesion and a short amount of dwell time, but it will allow you to really pull on the batteries or other product.

If it’s Still Broken You Haven’t Used Enough Duct Tape

We all know someone who is a master at using duct tape in unusual ways to fix everything from a torn wallet to replacing a car bumper. Here are a few more to add to the always growing list.

Duct Tape Hammock, Emergency Flip-Flops, Prom Dress or Suit, Space Ships

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