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FindTape Welcomes Global Kinesiology Tape Leader

Montgomery Township, New Jersey, February 6, 2018 -- FindTape is excited to announce the addition of Kinesio Tape, a worldwide leader in kinesiology tape and taping techniques since 1979. Kinesio provides the highest quality education and products based on clinical research and advancements in science and technology.

"Kinesio Tape brings our customers over 38 years of kinesiology tape innovation and leadership," stated Kevin Mahoney, President/Founder of "Increasing our product choices with brand leaders is another way that FindTape will continue to work to attract consumers and business buyers across all industry types."

Kinesio products are available in Pre-Cut Strip Packs, Tex Classic and Tex Performance+ rolls. Pre-Cut packages are convenient, easy-to-apply pre-cut strips which include a single-use, customizable set of three strips with application instructions designed for the shoulder, neck, foot, knee, wrist, or back.

For athletes and amateurs alike, Kinesio Tex Classic is available in standard 13-foot rolls or 103-foot bulk rolls. Kinesio Tex Classic tape incorporates the wave design that has set the standard for kinesiology taping worldwide. Kinesio Tex Performance+ is a combination between Kinesio's medical Gold FP tape and their original Tex Classic tape. Gold FP tape targets the surface layer of the skin, Classic the deeper skin layers, and Performance+ targets the middle layers between the two. Kinesio Tex Performance+ is available in 16-foot rolls with its own retractable hard case and application instructions.

FindTape is also offering Kinesio's popular equine product line in brown, yellow, or green 16-foot rolls. Kinesio Equine Kinesiology tape utilizes the same Kinesio Tex Gold FP technology, researched, designed and tested for the unique anatomy of a horse.

Jeff Baskett, Sales & PR Development Manager with Kinesio, stated "We are honored to partner with Kinesio takes pride in our long history of manufacturing quality products and we are excited that those products will now be offered through one of the Top 1000 E-Retailers in North America."

About is the preeminent online source for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and related products. FindTape carries over 30 leading industry brands including 3M, Duck Brand, FrogTape, Gorilla Tape, Nashua, Nitto, Polyken, Presco, Shurtape and many more. Quick delivery through primary distribution locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas for shipments to over 45 countries including US, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and the United Kingdom and EU countries. Since opening in 2003, has sold more than 4.8 million rolls of tape and offers over 600 products in thousands of variations. For more information, visit the company website at

About Kinesio Holding Corporation:
For more than 38 years, Kinesio has been breaking ground in the fields of sports performance, pain management and physical therapy. The Kinesio Taping® Method is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. Kinesio is the trusted tape of choice for the world’s elite athletes and the brand is firmly established as the global leader in therapeutic taping.

For more information contact:
Evan Greenberg LLC
+1 908-248-0427 x105

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