3M Scotchmate Fastener [Hook & Loop]

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Product Description

3M SJ3571 and SJ3572 Scotchmate Hook and Loop Fasteners are premium performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) nylon hook and loop tapes coated with a high-performance acrylic adhesive. They offer advanced closure alternatives to zippers, screws, snaps, hooks and more. The tape is designed for static load applications requiring high adhesion and UV and temperature resistance. Its woven nylon backing is durable for thousands of closures.

3M hook and loop can secure fabric to furniture cushions, airplane seating, carpet panel attachments, uniforms, and gloves and clothing. It is used in the aerospace, electronics, construction, specialty vehicle, military, medical, furniture, and general industrial markets. Stiff hooks on one side of the fastener mesh with pliable loops on the other side for secure closure; peel one side away to open. As with all reclosable fasteners, the larger the fastener area, the greater the strength for holding weight and resisting shear and peel.

The acrylic adhesive used on 3M SJ3571 and SJ3572 provides fair initial adhesion and excellent moisture, UV and solvent resistance. Approximately 50% of ultimate bond strength is achieved at room temperature in the first 20 minutes, 90% after about 24 hours and 100% after about 72 hours for this acrylic adhesive. Bonds well to high surface energy materials including bare and painted (non-powder coated) metals, glass, sealed wood. paint and many HSE plastics (such as acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, and rigid vinyl - not to LSE plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene). These adhesive-backed reclosable fasteners should be applied to surfaces that are smooth, dry and free of oils, mold release agents or other surface contaminants.

3M SJ3571 and SJ3572 Scotchmate Hook and Loop Fasteners have a woven nylon hook backing that has flexible, self-supporting inverted J-hooks protruding up from the backing. There are approximately 300 hooks per square inch. The woven nylon loop backing has thousands of soft, pliable napped loops protruding above the backing, providing for thousands of openings and closings (cycles). The hook and loop are preshrunk to ensure maximum dimensional stability and flatness.

As a general rule, four square inches of Scotchmate reclosable fastener area per pound of static load to be supported is suggested as a starting point for evaluation. More or less area may be needed depending on specific conditions or end-use applications.

* Multiple cases may be shipped per package in order to minimize the charge for shipping.


Technical Information

3M Scotchmate Fastener
  • Carrier/Backing: woven nylon hook and loop
  • Adhesive: acrylic   How are adhesives different?
  • Release Liner: clear polyethylene film
  • Thickness: 4 mils (liner)   What is mil thickness?
  • Service/Operating Temperature: -40°F to 220°F
  • Engaged Thickness: 100 to 160 mils
  • Shear: 23 pounds per inch (SJ3571 loop to SJ3572 hook)
  • Shear: 46 pounds per inch (SJ3571 loop to SJ3560 dual lock)
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.

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SJ3571 / SJ3572 Standard sizes


1 in. x 5 ft. Hook-And-Loop Pair

SJ3571-SJ3572/ 15

UPC = 686162770267

Single Item (1-4 Items)

1 - 2 Cases (5-14 Items)

3 - 4 Cases (15-24 Items)

5+ Cases (>= 25 Items)


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a 7% discount





1 in. x 50 yds. Hook-Side Only

SJ3572/ 1502

Single Item (1 Item)

1 - 2 Cases (2-5 Items)

3 - 4 Cases (6-9 Items)

5+ Cases (>= 10 Items)


a 2% discount

a 3% discount

a 4% discount





1 in. x 50 yds. Loop-Side Only

SJ3571/ 1502

Single Item (1 Item)

1 - 2 Cases (2-5 Items)

3 - 4 Cases (6-9 Items)

5+ Cases (>= 10 Items)


a 2% discount

a 3% discount

a 4% discount





Question & Answers

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Karen Tracy Sep 18, 2021
QUESTION: Where can I purchase (2) rolls of 2" x 50 YD SJ3572 velcro trimmed to 1/2" dots. We use them on the inside of motor home front windows to hold a sun screen in place. I originally purchased them from a 3M distributor in Indiana but have lost the name of the company
ANSWER: 3M Scotch sells their SJ hook and loop in die-cut strips and dots/coins under the Indoor Fasteners brand name. Can see the options we carry at https://www.findtape.com/p1384/?tid=30. Thank you.

User Reviews

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Steve S. Verified Buyer Feb 08, 2018
3M Tape SJ3571 & 2
3M SJ3571 / SJ3572 Scotchmate Fastener [Hook & Loop]
Its been perfect for our application...the only hook and loop tape I found that will stick to memory foam, so I'm totally satisfied with the product. The service at FindTape is impeccable...courteous and quick. The price for the tape, however, is a bit mind-bending so I'm hoping after writing this positive review and having just purchased my 6th roll of tape that I'm in line for a price break.
Steve Verified Buyer Mar 15, 2016
I definitely recommend this product
3M SJ3571 / SJ3572 Scotchmate Fastener [Hook & Loop]
I couldn't find a hook and loop tape to use to secure a memory foam fill to an ABS molded base. And I wanted it to be removable. This tape works really well, and is the only one I could find.
Made in the USA
hot melt rubber (synthetic)
Offers the widest range of application flexibility available. Exhibits excellent processing performance whether manually or automatically applied. Has superior tensile strength, adhesion properties and holding force which ensures consistent, reliable seals. Hot melt adhesive will bond faster to a surface which is referred to as quick-grab or quick-stick. It typically has higher tack (will feel stickier to the touch), but is also softer. It has lower heat resistance, shear resistance, and sometimes UV resistance than an acrylic adhesive. NOTE: it is called hot melt because the adhesive is applied hot by the manufacturer and then hardens as it cools (you do not need to apply heat to the tape yourself).
natural rubber
Properties are similar to that of hot melt rubber, but natural rubber often holds where other adhesives won't (recycled fibers, dust, cold, heat and heavy loads). It provides good overall adhesion and moisture resistance.
Offer excellent performance, especially for applications in temperatures less than 40°F and greater then 120°F. It provides excellent clarity, has high shear strength, is usually more permanent/durable even when exposed to moisture, and it ages well over extended periods in fluorescent and sunlight. Since it remains clear for the life of the application and does not yellow over time it is ideal for applications such as sealing white cartons. While it has good initial adhesion it does take 24-48 hours to cure and to achieve its maximum bond strength (has gradual adhesion buildup). Another difference between hot melt rubber and acrylic adhesive is if you fold tape over making the two adhesive sides touch the acrylic adhesive will remain attached to the carrier (e.g. paper, film) while a hot melt adhesive will stick to itself and pull off of the carrier. It is the best choice for clarity, UV resistance and aging characteristics.
Is great for extreme temperature applications since silicone adhesive can work in continuous operating temperatures from -100°F to 500°F. They also exhibit good chemical resistance, retain electrical properties, and remove cleanly with little or no residue.
zinc oxide
Zinc oxide based adhesive formula is a skin-friendly adhesive which is commonly used on sports medicine tapes.
Thickness, AKA caliper or gauge, refers to the distance from one surface of a tape backing, or adhesive, to the other.
1 mil = 1/1000 of an inch
Examples: 1/16 inch = 62.5 mils; 1/32 inch = 31.25 mils
The cut level indicates how many grams of cutting load a glove can withstand from a sharp blade before being penetrated.
Lower gauge gloves are heavier - have thicker construction, fewer stiches knitted per inch and offer less dexterity.
Higher gauge gloves are lighter - have thinner/finer construction, more stitches knitted per inch and offer more dexterity.
Gloves offered typically runs from 7 to 18 (12 and 13 are in the middle of the scale).
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