Protective Film (Permanent & Removable)

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Protective film tape is typically a strong, highly conformable tape designed to protect surfaces from damage. carries this type of tape in two distinct options: removable protective film tape and permanent protective film tape. This tape is designed to add surface protection to just about anything - including painted and unpainted surfaces - and is especially effective in guarding surfaces from scratching, chipping and weather damage. You'll want to choose the style that's appropriate for your specific applications. If you need a residue-free option, it's best to choose a removable style. For long-term, permanent protection, choose permanent.

Product Applications:
  • Surface protection
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Protecting barcode labels
This list of product applications is by no means all-inclusive. Surface protection tape is commonly used on bicycle frames, body panels on racecars, ground effects, top fuel wings, bumpers, tailgates, trailer walls, sprint car wings, roll cages, toolboxes, headlights, wheel wells, truck beds, and door and hood edges. It is also regularly used to protect barcode labels under extreme conditions, like at ski resorts (some people use this type of tape to protect skis). This type of tape is also commonly referred to as helicopter surface guard tape because it was originally used to protect helicopter leading edges.

We recommend choosing surface protection tape in environments where you need excellent protection against UV rays, temperature extremes and solvents. Choose heavy-duty surface guard tape for extreme, permanent environments or select clean-removal tape if you need powerful protection in short-term situations. You can buy colored, white, black or clear protective film tape by the case or roll at to ensure that you get the exact amount that's right for your specific job and budget.

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