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Stretch film is a unique material that clings to itself, so it's commonly used in shrink wrapping, packaging, and palletizing. Unlike adhesive tape, stretch film doesn't leave behind any residue when removed and is highly malleable and easy to conform over irregular shapes, so it's especially appropriate for use in storage wrapping and moving applications. FindTape is the best place to buy bulk shrink wrap for your business, because we offer excellent deals on stretch film by the roll or case. Load up on large quantities and save more on every roll.

Product Applications:
  • Bundling of boxes, furniture and carpet
  • Palletizing
  • Wrapping
  • Distribution
  • Combining items for freight
Stretch film is commonly used in brick and block, warehouses, irregular loads, the transportation industry, food distribution, bagged products and boxed products. To determine which type of shrink wrap is best for your unique needs, you will want to determine how thick you want the plastic to be and how quickly and easily you want to be able to unroll the wrap. Generally, most of our shrink wrap is made from .08-mil thick clear stretch material to ensure that it's easy to stretch and conform around objects.

They come in a variety of easy-to-dispense options, including comfortable shrink wrap rolls with handles. The handled styles come with a handle for every full case order. This type of dispenser is available in full-sized and mini options. We recommend choosing the full-sized option for larger jobs such as shrink wrapping furniture and palletizing. Some styles come on standard rolls if you prefer to hand-wrap or use a handle you already own. FindTape is happy to help you find the appropriate size and thickness of shrink wrap for your specific needs.

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