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Double Sided gaffers tapes are tapes set on cloth that are coated on both sides with adhesive. These adhesives are removable, not permanent. A double sided gaffers tape is generally used to temporarily hold an item in place such as to hold a carpet down.

Some of the leading double sided gaffers tape brands are Polyken and Scapa. If you are in the market for a good double sided tape, consider the Polyken 105C Multi-Purpose Double Coated Carpet Tape. The tape, as the term suggests, is meant to fasten carpets in place. They are used in the conventions, exhibitions, painting, construction, and aircraft industries. The tape does not leave adhesive residue behind. 105C is characterized by low VOC content and comes with a no-tear blue film liner.

Another good double sided gaffers tape option is the Polyken 105C-P Multi-Purpose Double Coated Carpet Tape, which comes on a white paper liner. Other than its use in the entertainment and convention industry, the tape is also used to temporarily secure garments. The paper release liner is advantageous over the film liner when using shorter strips of the tape since the liner is easier to get started off of the cloth backing of the tape. Film liners are better for longer runs of the tape since the liner won't break or tear as you are removing it from the floor after you apply it and it can be quickly pulled up all at once.

The Polyken 100D Premium Double Coated Carpet Tape is a double sided gaffers tape that has a high thread count for added strength and thickness. Its added strength makes it good for securing rugs and carpet runners on to existing carpeting and for holding up film sheeting vertically.

The Scapa 174 Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape secures carpets in place. The tape is set on woven cotton cloth and features natural rubber adhesive. The tape comes on a white polyethylene film release liner. The tape is characterized by high shear resistance and no residue is left upon removal from most surfaces.

Yet another good double sided gaffers tape is the Scapa 274 Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape. Again, woven cotton cloth, polyethylene liner, and natural rubber adhesives are used. The tape is differentially coated so one side has a higher adhesive strength than the other. The reason for the differential adhesion is if you need the tape to fasten more strongly to one item for clean up purposes. It is primarily used to secure carpets.

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