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FindTape.com sticks it to the competition with our selection of spike gaffers tape. Typically called spike tape for short, this ½-inch wide gaffers tape is a must for anyone working in the entertainment industry and beyond. We carry spike tape in numerous vibrant colors for use in production, classrooms and elsewhere. It is often used to place markings that indicate where to place furniture or other set pieces, or to bundle wires and cables for storage. Some of the many uses for this tape include:

Product Applications

  • Creating spike tape corners for furniture, set pieces and props in the film, television, theater and photography industries
  • Securing wires and cables to walls or floors
  • Color-coding objects
  • Marking blocking locations for music or theater shows
  • Bundling wires for tangle-free storage
  • Splicing floors, tables or other surfaces

While spike tape is a thinner cut than standard gaffers tape, it has the same quality construction and is just as strong. These vinyl coated cloth-based tapes use a rubber adhesive at a thickness of 11.5 mils. With adhesion strength of up to 60 ounces per inch and tensile strength of 42 pounds per inch, spike tape is strong enough to withstand extreme amounts of resistance - even a heavy desk sliding right over it. And when your production comes to a close or it's time to relocate, spike tape comes off residue-free without peeling away paint or debris.

With products from top industry brands such as JVCC and Pro Tapes, FindTape.com will help you find the best spike tape for your needs. You can choose from darker colors that blend in or bright neon colors that stand out, or even buy spike tape in multi-color variety packs so you'll always have the right roll available. We offer industrial-sized rolls with as many as 55 yards of tape for big productions, or you can get miniature 6-foot rolls that fit in your pocket for on-the-go use. No matter what, you'll always get the best price and quality when you shop at FindTape.com.

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