Specialty Gaff Tape (Striped, Glow, Camo, Etc.)

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If you have a need that regular gaffer tape just isn't quite enough to handle, FindTape.com has a variety of specialty tapes available. We carry striped, glow-in-the-dark, camouflage and other atypical designs for your next project. This vinyl coated cloth tape has all the qualities of regular gaff tape, but is designed for specific uses and projects. You can buy camo tape for repairing hunting equipment, or glow tape for calling attention to locations in a dark area. Some of the types of specialty gaff tape we have and ways you can use it are:

Product Applications

  • Camo tape for repairing or disguising hunting and fishing equipment
  • Black and yellow striped tape to indicate an area is unsafe
  • Glow tape for uses on wire bundles, set markings or breaker boxes so you can locate them when lights are out
  • Edge tape on tables or equipment
  • Leather and vinyl repair
  • Color-coding on sound boards, light boards, or other equipment
  • Craft projects and decorations
  • Add glow tape to handrails and stairways for safety during emergencies

These tapes use either a rubber or synthetic adhesive with a thickness of 12 to 12.5 mils for heavy-duty use. Adhesion strength of up to 80 ounces per inch and a tensile strength of 48 pounds per inch gives long-lasting grip and transfer resistance - but like regular gaffers tape, it comes off without leaving residue. Many styles are heat-, water- and abrasion-resistant for top performance when you need it most.  It can even be torn off the roll by hand without fraying for quick, smooth applications.

FindTape.com has specialty gaff tape from top industry brands such as Shurtape, Duck, JVCC and Pro Tapes, and will help you find the right tape for your needs. You can purchase convenient 6-foot rolls, giant 55-yard rolls, or even tape sheets with a variety of strip shapes and sizes for creative projects or flair. You can also buy rolls and sheets by the case, giving you even more savings while making sure you always have a good supply on hand. Whether you want your favorite fishing pole to blend into the surroundings, or if you're a stage hand who needs help finding set markings between scenes, you're in good hands when you shop at FindTape.com.

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