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Double sided adhesive transfer tape is an unsupported tape which means pressure-sensitive adhesive is pre-applied to a special release liner (the tape has no carrier). ATG transfer tape comes reverse wound on a 1" diameter core and requires the use of an ATG gun to apply it and normal non-ATG transfer tape comes regularly wound on a 3" diameter core. If you are in the market for a double sided transfer tape, some of the leading brands are JVCC, 3M Scotch, Scapa and MacTac.

The JVCC ATG-7502 ATG Tape can be used for scrapbooking, picture framing, designing, packaging prototypes, and product assembly. It has great adhesion to paper, metal foils, and most plastic films. It is not water soluble and it is acid neutral. The ATG double sided transfer tape is set on a gold paper release liner. It has a thickness of 2 mils and its adhesion to steel is 55 ounces per inch. You could use the tape in the temperature range of -22°F to 356°F.

The Scapa T002 ATG Tape is acid neutral (pH 7). Some of the most common uses for the double sided transfer tape are for picture framing, graphic arts applications, photo mounting, scrapbooking, product assembly, and exhibit and POP displays. The tape has high grab characteristics, which is important in that they enhance splicing. The tape is available in 60-yard long rolls which means less reloading of your ATG dispenser. The ATG double sided tape is set on a kraft release liner. It has a thickness of 1.6 mils, its stainless steel adhesion is 25 ounces per inch, its minimum application temperature is 65°F, and its operating/service temperature is from 32°F to 360°F.

3M Scotch 924 ATG Tape is an all-purpose permanent double sided ATG tape that provides great adhesion to paper stocks. It also creates great bonds with metals, wood, glass, most plastics, and paint. Some of its primary applications are mounting posters and promotional items and core starting. The double sided ATG tape is known for its great UV and solvent resistance. It is set on a tan paper densified kraft release liner. Its stainless steel adhesion is 25 ounces per inch and its thickness is 4 mils (liner).

Another option if you are in the market for an regularly wound double sided transfer tape is the MACtac UGlu Professional Adhesive Tape, which is weatherproof and which can hold up to two pounds. Scapa 4450 and JVCC TR-2X Adhesive Transfer Tapes are also regularly wound and are good choices if you need an acid neutral tape on a 3" diameter core. Other reverse-wound ATG options include JVCC ATG-7502X and 3M Scotch 969 ATG Tape which both offer high tack, Scapa TD-200, and 3M Scotch 928 which is a repositionable ATG Tape.

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