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Double sided removable cloth carpet tapes have an adhesive coated on both sides of the tape which is designed to remove without leaving adhesive residue behind. The leading brands for this type of tape are Polyken, Shurtape and Scapa.

The Polyken 105C Multi-Purpose Double Coated Carpet Tape has a cloth carrier. The double sided carpet tape does not leave residue when removed from most surfaces. It is used in the conventions and exhibitions industry to hold down carpets and in general holding and mounting. The tape comes with a polyethylene film blue release liner that is designed to not tear when applying larger strips at a time (for the same tape with an easier to remove paper release liner see Polyken 105C-P). The tape has a thickness of 13 mils and its adhesion to stainless steel is 40 ounces per inch.

The Scapa 174 Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape is set on a woven cotton cloth and is also used for temporary carpet hold down. Both sides are coated with a natural rubber adhesive. The double sided cloth tape comes with a polyethylene film white release liner and its adhesion to stainless steel is 50 ounces per inch.

The Nashua CleanDrape Double-Sided Sheeting Tape is made of layers of both cloth and paper. Both sides of the double sided tape are designed for clean removal (the paper side from wall surfaces and the cloth side from sheeting material). Some of its uses are hanging poly sheeting on different surfaces and in sanding, construction, molding, and remodeling applications. The adhesions of the exposed paper side and cloth liner sides are 25 ounces per inch and 40 ounces per inch respectively.

Other carpet and cloth double sided tape options are the Polyken 100D and Shurtape DF-545 products which are also removable, but offer extra adhesion so they are better if holding down an area rug onto existing carpeting instead of just a hardwood surface. The Polyken 108 Flame Retardant Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape is designed with a flame retardant cotton cloth and synthetic adhesive system that complies with F.A.R. 25.853(a) certification for the airline industry.

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