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Paper double sided tape is a tape that has adhesive on both sides and that is set on a paper carrier. These tapes are used to hold two surfaces together. The leading brands in the manufacture of these tapes are JVCC, Nitto (Permacel) and Nashua.

The Nitto Denko/Permacel P-02 Double Coated Kraft Paper Tape is set on a flat Kraft paper carrier. The paper double sided tape is highly versatile. It is used for mounting, fastening, holding, and splicing applications. The paper on this double sided tape gives it strength and conformability. P 02 paper double sided tape can be used with metal and glass surfaces. Its thickness is 8.2 mils and its adhesion to stainless steel is 81 ounces per inch.

JVCC DCP-02 Double Coated Crepe Paper Tape is set on a white crepe paper coated and it is coated with a very aggressive acrylic adhesive. Some of the highlights of this double sided paper tape are good UV, aging, water, and temperature resistance, as well as how easy it is to tear with your hands. Its thickness is 3.5 mils and its adhesion is 58.5 ounces per inch. JVCC DCP-03 Double Coated Heavy Paper Tape is similar to the JVCC DCP-02 Double Coated Crepe Paper Tape in most ways. The major differences being the higher adhesion of the Heavy Paper Tape, which stands at 88 ounces per inch to stainless steel.

The JVCC DCP-04 Double Coated Flatback Paper Tape is set on a flatback paper that is coated on both sides with a very aggressive/high shear solvent-based natural rubber resin adhesive. The adhesive in the paper double sided tape bonds to almost all surfaces, including irregular and rough surfaces. Its adhesion to stainless steel is 52 ounces per inch. the JVCC DCP-01 Double Sided Crepe Paper Tape is also coated with a rubber adhesive and is used for general purpose bonding of papers, films and fabrics. One of its applications also includes the mounting golf club grip handles.

The Nashua CleanDrape Double-Sided Sheeting Tape is set on cloth and crepe paper lamination and comes with a blue film release liner. This double sided tape is used to hang poly sheeting to wood, glass, plastics, and other materials during sanding, painting, remodeling, and other construction projects.

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