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Differential double sided tape is a tape that has one permanent side and one removable side. On the other hand, a removable double sided tape is a tape that is coated on both sides with equally removable adhesive. The leading brands in the manufacture of these tapes are 3M Scotch, JVCC, Ludlow, Scapa, Nashua, Polyken and Duck Brand.

Removable double-sided cloth tapes include the Polyken 105C, 105C-P and 100D products as well as the Scapa 174 and 274 double sided tapes. The carrier on these tapes is cloth and the adhesive is rubber. You can remove these tapes from most surfaces without leaving any residue. These removable double sided tapes are used for temporarily holding down carpet. For this reason they are popular in the convention and exhibitions industry. The Polyken 100D and CleanDrape products can also be used for holding up polyethylene sheets in construction.

To mount lightweight items like photos and posters to wood, semi-gloss painted walls, ceramic tiles, refrigerators, textured surface, and glass the 3M Scotch 109 Removable Poster Tape, the 3M Scotch 108 Foam Mounting Squares or Duck Brand Removable Mounting Double-Sided Foam Tape can be used.

The Scapa Dublfilm S305 and the JVCC DC-4110R/P Double Coated Removable/Permanent Tape are set on a polyester film. These two differentially coated double sided tapes offer both a removable and a permanent side. Both of these double sided tapes are used for temporary bonding applications like temporary decals and labels, and protective padding.

The Ludlow M-Tak HI/LO Double Coated Removable/Permanent Tape is also differentially coated, but also offers a non-adhesive or dry finger lift edge on each side of the tape. The release liner is printed with the words "TO EXPOSE ADHESIVE REMOVE LINER" which makes it ideal when the tape is put on items being sent to end users like on business mailers. also offers the DC-TP Double-Sided Tape Test Pack that includes a shorter length roll of the Polyken 105C-P product from this category and the DCCF-TP Double-Sided Clear Film Tape Test Pack which includes a shorter length roll of the JVCC DC-4110R/P and the Scapa S305 products from this category.

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