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Double sided tapes are tapes that have adhesive on both sides for bonding two surfaces together. Scroll down to choose between tissue double sided tape, scrim double sided tape, or fiberglass double sided tape set on tissue, scrim, and fiberglass respectively. The leading brands are Shurtape, Ludlow, Scapa, Duck and JVCC.

The Ludlow T-Tak HD Double Coated Tissue Tape is a tissue double sided tape used for such purposes as direct mail pieces; poly bag sealing; and mounting heavy posters, name plates, signs, and promotional displays. It offers a non-adhesive or dry finger lift edge on each side of the tape. The release liner is printed with the words "TO EXPOSE ADHESIVE REMOVE LINER" which makes it ideal when the tape is put on items being sent to end users (it is similar to what you'd find on the back of a UPS or FedEx envelope).

Options for tissue tape which is coated on both sides with an acrylic adhesive include the Shurtape DT-200 Double-Coated Non-Woven Tissue Tape, the JVCC DCT-44A Double-Coated Tissue Tape and the Scapa Dublfilm® S711 Double-Coated Tissue Tape. All the double-sided tissue tapes are hand tearable and have excellent conformability to most irregular surfaces. The acrylic-based ones are great for demanding corrugator splicing applications and offer temperature resistance. JVCC DCT-40R Double-Coated Tissue Tape is also a double sided tissue tape, but it is coated with a rubber adhesive on both sides which is fast grabbing.

The JVCC DC-SCRIM-2 and the JVCC DC-SCRIM-9 Double Coated Scrim Tapes are both set on a polyester (PES/PVA) scrim carrier. The adhesive used on the scrim is a solvent free, water based acrylic which bonds well to a variety of materials even to difficult to bond to surfaces like fabrics. These tape have impressive aging, UV, water, and temperature resistance. The DC-SCRIM-2 is only 2.4 mils thick and offers 65.8 ounces per inch of peel adhesion, while the DC-SCRIM-9 is 9.1 mils thick and offers 109 ounces per inch of peel adhesion.

The Duck Brand Fiberglass Carpet Tape is mostly used for permanent carpet installation. The fiberglass double sided tape is ideal for applications where moisture is present. The fiberglass in the tape is mildew and moisture resistant which means the tape can be used for both outdoor and indoor use. Note that removal could cause damage to the floor and the carpet (if removability is required please see the Polyken 105C-P product in the double-sided cloth tapes category). This fiberglass double sided tape comes in a thickness of 7 mils.

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