ATG tape dispensers are used to apply ATG tape (adhesive transfer gun tape) on picture framing, product assembly, scrapbooking, and design & packaging prototypes.
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ATG tape is a tape that comes unsupported by a backing or carrier (like cloth, film, or paper). It is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that is pre-applied to a special release liner. ATG tape comes reverse wound, with the release liner being located on the underside when you unwind it from the roll. The tapes comes wound on plastic cores and ATG tape dispensers are required to dispense and apply it.

ATG tape dispensers have a plastic spool where the tape is loaded and held into place. The trigger on the handle is pressed in while the tape is being applied which allows the spools to move freely within the dispenser. As the tape is dispensed, the release liner is wound up by the take-up spool in the dispenser. Since the tape is just an unbacked strip of adhesive you simply release the trigger on the dispenser, which locks the spools into place, and pull away to stop application of the tape.

ATG tape dispensers vary depending on the size of the tape they are designed to dispense. ATG dispensers are made of plastic and are hand-held. There are advantages to using ATG tape dispensers over other tape dispensers. To start, there will be no compatibility problems when you use an ATG tape dispenser. These dispensers are made specifically for ATG tapes and they, therefore, have the correctly sized mechanisms for ATG refill rolls to snap properly and securely into place within the dispenser.

Make sure to consider the width or size of the rolls that you will be using when buying ATG tape dispensers. For example the 3M 700 dispenser will not accept 1/4 wide rolls and a 60-yard roll of JVCC ATG-7502X will not fit into a JVCC ATG1 dispenser. At FindTape.com we sell top quality ATG tape dispensers. Scroll down to purchase ATG tape dispensers. Hover over a product picture and click on the "Quick View" button to learn more about the product.

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3M Scotch 700 ATG Adhesive Applicator
3M Scotch 700 ATG Adhesive Applicator
from $57.14 to $60.79
3M Scotch 714 1/4" ATG Adhesive Applicator
3M Scotch 714 1/4" ATG Adhesive Applicator
from $58.66 to $62.39
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