Pipe Wrap Tapes (Corrosion Control, Self-Fusing, Etc.)

Pipe Wrap Tapes (Corrosion Control, Self-Fusing, Etc.)
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Pipe wrap tapes work by wrapping around a pipe to seal pipes, protect against corrosion, and to insulate. They are mostly used in the chemical industry and in construction machinery. There are different types of pipe wrap tapes, but they are generally characterized by corrosion-resistance, sealing insulation, and moisture resistance.

Corrosion control pipe wrap tape is a surface protection tape that is characterized by resistance to sun, oil, acids, water, alkalis, and corrosive chemicals. Corrosion control tape is also used for electrical protection, they protect conduit coupling and pipe joints, and they are used for direct or overhead buried applications. Other tape characteristics are abrasion resistance and fungus resistance.

An example of such a tape is the Shurtape PW-100 Corrosion Control Pipe Wrap Tape. The tape is coated with a rubber adhesive. It is carried on a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film backing. It has a thickness of 10 mils, its adhesion to stainless steel is 20 ounces per inch, its longitudinal tensile strength is 32 pounds per inch, and its dielectric strength is 1250 volts.

Another type of pipe tape is the self-fusing tape (like Nashua 386 Stretch & Seal). As the term suggests, this tape fuses to its own backing when wrapped tightly around an object like a pipe. When applying these tapes make sure they overlap back onto themselves since they only adheres to their own backing. FindTape.com is a good source for information and specifications about pipe tape, corrosion control tape, and self-fusing tape.

To find specific information about each type of tape, simply hove your pointer over the product image and click on the "Quick View" button. Compare product by clicking on the check box of two or more products then click the orange Compare Checked Products button. Use this information together with specifications for your piping to help you find the right tape for the job. Contact us if you need further assistance. We are happy to help in any way we can. Scroll down and click on a product image to add it to the shopping cart.

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