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There are several tapes that are used in high-temperature situations. Glass cloth tapes are high-grade fiberglass cloth that is coated with a silicone adhesive. This tape is used in electrical apparatuses and to protect and shield various components such as control cables and harnesses.

Glass cloth tape is popular because it is highly conformable (it has flexible accommodation around turns and angles) and it is coated with a temperature-resistant adhesive system. Other characteristics are that it is abrasion resistant, it has high tensile strength and it has excellent performance in temperatures of up to 500°F. Its silicone adhesive system is known for its high heat resistance and unparalleled flexibility. It is used in the construction, automotive, aerospace, electrical, and electronic industries.

Varieties of high-temperature glass cloth tape include Teflon impregnated fiberglass cloth used as a primary insulation and protective barrier in a variety of electrical equipment; electrical-grade fiberglass cloth used for thermal and plasma spray masking applications; and aluminum foil glass cloth tape used for moderate grit blasting and securing thermal insulation.

When you purchase from we help you purchase the right glass cloth tape by providing specifications on all our products. This includes information about the adhesive used, the type of carrier/backing, thickness, adhesion strength, dielectric strength, operating temperature, breaking strength and more. also provides pricing charts to compare pricing options for different roll widths and roll/case quantities. To read the specs of any product, simply hover your mouse over the product image and click on the "Quick View" button. To compare products, click the check box for two or more products then click the "Compare Checked Products" button. To purchase a product, click on the product image.

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