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There are many types of packaging tape available, but one of the strongest varieties is polyester packaging tape. These products offer an incredibly high level of adhesion to ensure that everything you're taping up stays totally secure and sealed. It's especially popular for using on the bottoms of cartons since this seal typically needs to hold the most weight. However, it can be used in any area on a package to provide a firmer hold for seals, shore up corners on heavy boxes and provide overlapped seals for added security.

Despite being one of the most popular varieties of packaging tape, polyester tape is used for a wide range of applications that include:

Product Applications:

  • General purpose sealing applications
  • Packaging, protecting and shipping
  • Heavy-duty bottom carton seals
  • Government packaging
  • Strip closure of regular slotted containers
  • Overlap sealing
  • Fiber drum sealing
  • Tabbing
  • Holding
  • Wrapping
  • Masking PCB gold fingers during wave solder and HAL operations
  • "Powder coat" masking
  • L-clip sealing
  • High-tensile splicing applications
  • Adhesion peel strength testing

Most polyester tapes used for packaging are resistant to moisture and abrasions. You'll be able to use them for shipments without having to worry about your package's exposure to the elements, including moisture and extreme temperatures. Polyester packaging tape is also a quick-stick product that's quite easy to apply. You get a high level of hold without having to wet the tape as you would have to with gummed paper tape. Best of all, it will not conceal surface printing when you opt for a clear or semi-translucent polyester tape.

Find a great selection of polyester packaging tapes when you shop online at FindTape. Our products come from trusted brands like 3M Scotch, JVCC, Nitto and Intertape, and our low prices help you stay on budget, especially if you regularly ship important packages that require a secure seal.

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3M Scotch 720 Film Fiber Tape
3M Scotch 720 Film Fiber Tape
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