Conspicuity-Grade (Microprismatic Retroreflective)

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No category products found matching the criteria chosen. offers an excellent selection of retroreflective tapes in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.

When visibility is a matter of safety, you should consider using conspicuity-grade retroreflective tape. This is a highly reflective tape that is often used to comply with specific safety regulations. Whether it's applied to a school bus, a rail car or another object, one of the most common uses for this type of tape is making vehicles easier to see after dark. It is also applied to other objects, including heavy-duty equipment, in order to improve safety conditions. Here's a more complete look at the many potential uses for conspicuity-grade retroreflective tape:

Product Applications:

  • Preventing accidental damage to shelves/racks, loading docks and poles
  • Complying with safety regulations by increasing visibility of vehicles and equipment
  • Providing added nighttime visibility for heavy equipment, farm machinery and agricultural and industrial vehicles
  • Sewing or welding to safety apparel such as safety vests, backpacks and other types of protective clothing

Some of the most popular colors and designs in the reflective conspicuity tape category include solid colors (like red, green, blue and silver), alternating red and white strips and bright yellow. These are most of the most reflective tapes available, which is important since they are used for applications like school buses and rail cars. Many also come with a long warranty to ensure their reliability in improving safety conditions. For more information about the specifications of each tape, click on the product to get additional details about photometric performance, application temperature, adhesive type and more. is the best resource for all your reflective tape needs. Our selection of conspicuity-grade retroreflective tape is approved for use when complying with various regulations. Use these products to improve safety on the road, in a vehicle, on a farm, in an industrial setting or in other situations where added visibility is a necessity.

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