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Make your mark quickly, easily and affordably by using non-adhesive surveyor's flagging tape from

You'll appreciate that these tapes can be tied, untied and reused over and over again. The bright colors also make for easier identification in a wide variety of potential applications, such as:

Product Applications:

  • Marking trails and other paths by leaving colorful tape along the route
  • Noting specific distances and critical areas when surveying a space
  • Identifying and color-coding items to be used in various areas, such as industrial settings
  • Roping off areas that are potentially hazardous or reserved for specific events

Our selection of flagging tapes includes a number of regular colors and Day-Glo colors to meet your needs. Many customers purchase multiple rolls of different colors in order to use their surveyor's tape for color coding. Certain companies and organizations use the same colors create a cohesive color-coding system for all users to follow. This is an excellent use of colored flagging tape, and the non-adhesive quality of our tapes allow for the same markers to be used again and again before they are discarded.

Be sure to review the full product specifications of our surveyor's flagging tape before placing your order. Under the "Product Description & Specs" tab on each product page, you'll be able to view details like the tensile strength, operating temperature, elongation, core size, thickness and other information about the tape you're interested in. In addition, you can choose your preferred tape color and size and decide whether you want to order your tape by the roll or by the case. is committed to making it easy to get the tape you need. You can browse our site to find a great selection of reflective tapes, safety tapes and other products that can be used for safety, decorative and color-coding purposes.

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