Vinyl Tapes (Solid Color, Striped & Die-Cut)

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Having colorful, strong tape on hand is a must when safety is at stake, which is why this selection of vinyl adhesive tape from is so popular.

In addition to offering a wide range of colors, we ensure that you can find a vinyl tape for a variety of safety and color-coding applications. Our vinyl tapes include everything from premium colored vinyl tape to reflective striping tape. These tapes can be used for a number of important applications, such as:

Product Applications:

  • Enhancing visibility during an emergency, such as highlighting an exit or instructions
  • Marking off a dangerous area or creating a makeshift barricade for hazardous spaces
  • Holding down and hiding wires, cables and other items without leaving a sticky mess
  • Color coding objects or creating colored tape paths (as in hospitals or schools)
  • Adding creative designs to dance floors, walls and other surfaces
  • Labeling items, providing directions or assisting in organization

Clearly, there are countless possibilities for how you might use these colorful tapes. But before you buy vinyl tape, be sure to check out the complete specifications on Each product page features a "Product Description & Specs" tab where all critical information is listed, including operating temperature, tensile strength, backing style and more. You'll also get to see a complete list of available colors and other details, such as whether you can write on the tape surface and if the tape complies with any specific safety regulations.

Shop at to get the best selection of high-quality vinyl adhesive tape along with a full selection of other safety tapes, such as reflective tape, glow-in-the-dark tape, flagging tape and more. We also offer our tapes in a range of sizes and colors, and you can order your tape by the roll or by the case.

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