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Double-sided tape (aka double-coated tape) has adhesive on both sides of a cloth, paper, foam, film or tissue carrier (or in the case of ATG or transfer tape there is no carrier at all) and is generally used for holding or mounting items. There are several options available, all with different uses. Some of the more popular brands include 3M Scotch, Duck Brand, JVCC, Ludlow, MACtac, Scapa, Shurtape, Nashua, Nitto (Permacel) and Polyken.

Types of Double-Sided Tapes

  • Cloth double-sided tape is generally used to temporarily hold items in place, e.g. it is widely used in the convention industry to temporarily hold down carpets. There are also some more aggressive double sided cloth tapes available.
  • Film and Paper double-coated tape are generally used in bonding, mounting, splicing and laminating applications.
  • Tissue and Scrim double-sided tape are good for bonding to nearly all materials including irregular surfaces (tissue tape can also be torn by hand).
  • ATG and transfer tape are used for picture framing, photo mounting and scrapbooking.
  • Polyethylene and PVC Foam double-sided tape are typically used for window glazing and to mount mirrors, signs, hooks and soap dispensers.
  • Ultra or Very High Bond (UHB/VHB) double-coated tape is used to create a strong permanent bond. Foamed acrylics generally will conform better to an irregular or curved surface better than a solid acrylic.

Differences between double-coated adhesives:

  • Double-sided tapes with acrylic adhesive typically have higher shear strength, are usually more permanent/durable and have a gradual adhesion buildup. They also typically have a better resistance to higher temperatures, UV and solvents. For instance if you are mounting a picture on the wall and the picture is heavy a softer rubber adhesive will start separating from itself sooner than the acrylic.
  • Double-sided tape with synthetic or hot melt rubber adhesive typically have higher tack, but are also softer. They will normally feel stickier to the touch and will bond faster to a surface, but will also have lower heat resistance, shear resistance, and sometimes UV resistance than the acrylics. Works great when those characteristic are not needed and also usually less expensive than an acrylic.

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