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Duct tape is typically used to seal HVAC duct systems. Duct tape can also be used for color coding, packaging, and for inexpensive cable hold down in hotels and convention centers.

Benefits of Duct Tape 3-Layer Construction

  • polyethylene plastic backing for waterproofing
  • cloth middle layer helps to facilitate tearing by hand
  • rubber adhesive helps to resist water and provides for a durable hold

Duct tape, originally known as duck tape, is one of the most widely used pressure sensitive tape products in the world. It's just as critical as any item in a professional's toolbox. Duct tape is an extremely versatile product and we carry almost 20 different colored duct tape styles which come in assorted widths. Duct tape is used for everything from sealing duct work in your attic to repairs in nuclear power plants. It can also be military grade specified for sealing ammunition cans or come in colors for holding down wires in hotel conference rooms or be used by NASCAR for changing the aerodynamics of race cars.

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