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Need to an easy and effective way to fasten items together temporarily?

Check out this selection of Velcro tape, felt tape and dual lock fasteners at These handy products are great for those situations in which traditional tape would create a sticky situation. Instead, you'll get the benefit of working with other materials like Velcro and felt. Plus, our Velcro and dual lock fasteners make it easy to connect and reposition items quickly and cleanly.

Our fastening tapes offers a number of benefits. Some of the many ways in which our fasteners can be used include:

Product Applications:

  • Creating a soft liner for display cases to protect shelf surfaces and precious items
  • Giving a clean, dark edge to platforms
  • Padding furniture to prevent scratches on wood floors
  • Filtration applications such as gaskets, wipers, etc.
  • Blocking out light and "hot spots"
  • Joining and repairing cloth backdrops
  • Reusable fastening of products for purposes like quick changes of props in the theater industry
  • Mounting or attaching heavy-duty items safely and securely

With Velcro, felt tape and dual lock fasteners, you'll have plenty of options for taping items in creative ways. However, you should make sure you're getting the best product for your needs. Felt tape, for example, it used for padding, lining and seaming various materials. Unlike Velcro tape and dual lock tape, it doesn't join items together for reusable fastening. Velcro is easily applied to a variety of surfaces and offers quick and easy changes when you need to fasten or unfasten lightweight products. Meanwhile, dual lock tape is typically used with heavier objects that don't need to be repositioned as often.

Check out our full selection of fastening tape at We offer a great selection of products from top name brands like Velcro USA, JVCC and 3M Scotch. You'll also be able to order your fasteners by the roll or by the case as needed.

Velcro Tape, Felt Tape & Dual Lock Fastener Uses

  • Polyester (Duvetyne) Felt Tape - used as a liner for display cases; to give a clean, dark edge to platforms; and to join and repair cloth backdrops
  • Adhesive-backed Velcro - pressure sensitive hook-n-loop nylon Velcro for reusable fastening of many products including quick changes of props in the theater industry
  • 3M Low-Profile Dual Lock - very thin reclosable fastener which is used to mount or attach a variety of items

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