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There are several different grades and types of Packaging Tape products to suit varying demands. They range from economy carton sealing tape rolls to high tensile strength strapping tape.

Packaging Tape & Carton Sealing Tape Options

  • BOPP (polypropylene film) is the most commonly used backing on carton sealing tape. BOPP is strong, durable, resistant to abrasion and has relatively high tensile strength. It also offers minimal elongation, has excellent clarity and is economic. However it is not hand-tearable.
  • UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride film) combines high performance with superior strength and durability. It has 50% less stretch than BOPP and has a smooth, noiseless unwind. Used for bag sealing and also recommended for recycled cartons & cold temperature application.
  • Cellophane (pure cellulose film) is a biodegradable, hand-tearable tape which is often used for carton sealing in the electronics industry since it is static-free.
  • Polyester is a more premium packaging tape and has a very high tensile and tear strength. It provides a high level of performance.
  • Kraft paper packing tape has an aggressive high tack adhesive which sticks quickly to boxes. The brown color blends well on cartons and it is hand tearable and you can break open boxes sealed with the tape by hand. This is the kind used for USPS registered mail packages.
  • Gummed paper is a water activated tape used for carton sealing. It has fiberglass yarns in the carrier to provide extra strength and it will even bond to dusty & dirty surfaces.
  • Filament strapping tape has good long-term holding power. Its high tensile strength allows use of less tape in many applications so it lowers the cost per application.

You can also find stretch film and specialty packaging tapes such as printed packaging and tamper evident in this category.

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