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The Tape Dispensers category includes packaging tape dispensers, desk top dispensers, bag sealing dispensers, filament tape dispenser, lane marking dispenser, double-sided tape dispensers and ATG tape dispensers.

Tape Dispenser Options

  • Packaging Tape Dispenser - use to apply packing and label protection tapes.
  • Desk Top Tape Dispenser - use to apply office supply, label protection and paper artist tape.
  • Bag Sealing Dispenser - use to apply narrow-width UPVC film bag sealing tape.
  • ATG Tape Gun - use to apply reverse-wound adhesive transfer tape.
  • Lane Marking Dispenser - used to apply vinyl floor marking tape.
  • Filament Tape Dispenser - dispenser with serrated blade to help in the application of fiberglass filament tape.
  • Double-Sided Tape Dispenser - use to apply double-sided film tapes.
  • Foam Tape Dispenser - desk top dispenser used to apply closed-cell foam tapes.

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