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Automotive & Racers Tape

Making your car stand out is easy with the help of racers tape from Our selection of racing tapes includes everything from bare bond tape for quick fixes and repairs to checkered flag duct tape for adding decorative elements to your car.

Race tape is one of the most versatile types of tape since it can be used for a wide variety of situations that may arise on the track or in the repair shop, such as:

Product Applications

  • Protecting paint on body panels (as with surface guard tape)
  • Creating an anti-slip, frictioned surface for brake and clutch pedals
  • Quick fixes and repairs for vehicles that have experienced collisions or other damage
  • Increasing visibility in darker conditions
  • General purpose bonding, holding and sealing
  • Decorating vehicles and adding creative accents to interior and exterior surfaces

It's important to know that not all racers tapes can be used for all the potential applications listed above. That's why it's smart to check out the full specifications for any products you're considering. You might find that non-skid racers tape is the perfect fit since you want to focus on creating an anti-slip surface near your car's foot pedals. If you want to increase visibility, you'll need to choose a reflective tape that shows up well in the dark. Check out all of our racing tape options to find the one that's a perfect fit for your needs. has the best selection of high-quality, reliable racers tapes. These tapes are meant to hold up to tough conditions on the road and can be relied on for a number of critical uses in the racing industry. Order now to get your favorite tapes by the roll or by the case.

Racers Tape Options

  • Surface Guard Helicopter Tape - to protect paint on body panels.
  • Non-Skid Tape - to create anti-sip frictioned surface on for brake and clutch pedals.
  • Duct Tape Patch Fender Bandage - for quick fixes and repairs.
  • Checkerboard Tape - for decorative uses.
  • Reflective Tape - to increase visibility.
  • Standard Duty Racer Tape, Neon Racing Tape and Extreme Duty Racer's Tape - for general purpose bonding, holding and sealing.

If you're looking for an adhesive product or tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications. You can also visit our Shop by Department page to find the best tapes for your specific application or industry.

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