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When you want carpet or flooring to stay put permanently, make sure you utilize double-sided cloth tape. This is a great way to securely adhere your carpet and flooring installations so they stay put even when used in high-traffic areas of your home or business. The simple double-sided feature also makes it easy to create seamless installations that sit flush with your floor. This tape is made to be applied quickly and easily to provide a highly reliable adhesive for a variety of flooring styles

At FindTape, you'll discover a great selection of double-sided permanent cloth tape from which to choose. Here are just some of the many ways in which this great tape can come in handy:

Product Applications:

  • Carpet laying and installation
  • Fixing and splicing of textiles
  • Securing polyethylene film to brick and cinder block walls
  • Support during prepping applications of abatement areas
  • Adhering carpets, pads and other flooring at convention centers, arenas and hotels
  • Mounting signs and dispensers for POP merchandising
  • Industrial holding and mounting
  • Outdoor carpet hold down and mounting
  • Cushioning metal and glass against vibration
  • General mounting on rough or fibrous surfaces

There are a number of great benefits to working with double-sided cloth tape, but one of the best is that it's made to work with a variety of surface types. Whether you're trying to get something to stick to a rough floor, a fibrous material or another type of irregular surface, you'll find that this type of cloth tape does the trick. The way it's designed ensures that you'll get a secure hold even when you're not working with a perfectly clean, flat surface. This gives you added versatility when it comes to installing flooring, mounting signs or performing other tasks with the help of your double-sided cloth tape.

Find a great selection of double-sided permanent cloth tape when you shop at FindTape. You'll love that our products come from trusted brands like Shurtape, Intertape and JVCC.

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