Fiberglass Tapes

Fiberglass tape is single or double-sided tape featuring a fiberglass backing. This type of tape is most commonly used in carpet installation jobs, including indoor and outdoor carpet installation, and to install and repair drywall joints.

Fiberglass is a top choice in many wet, high-traffic environments because it's naturally resistant to moisture and mildew, so it will hold up in bathrooms, basements and decks. FindTape offers a wide variety of quality-made fiberglass tape to suit your particular demands, including a large variety of Duck Brand fiberglass tapes.

Product Applications

  • Permanent carpet installation
  • Indoor and outdoor carpet installation
  • Carpet seaming
  • Repairing cracks and small holes in drywall joints
  • Seaming sheets during drywall installation

We have a wide range of fiberglass tape options at FindTape. For permanent carpet installation applications, we recommend choosing Duck Brand Fiberglass Carpet Tape. You can also use fiberglass carpet seaming tape to quickly join carpet pieces together without the need for special tools or irons. Because of its single-sided fiberglass design, this type of tape will perform well in environments that are hospitable to the growth of moisture and mildew, so it can be used indoors and out.

For drywall applications, a fiberglass mesh tape such as Duck Brand Drywall Joint Tape is a smart choice. This 100 percent fiberglass drywall tape is self-adhesive, so it doesn't require the re-application of compound to joints. It's especially ideal during drywall installation before mudding with compound. This sheet wall joint tape is self-adhesive and easy to reposition during drywall installation applications. It also offers quick, hassle-free repairing of drywall joints, including cracks and holes. Fiberglass tape can be ordered by the roll or case at FindTape, depending on the size and demands of your job. If you have any questions about these tapes, you can always contact us at

If you're looking for an adhesive product or tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications. You can also visit our Shop by Department page to find the best tapes for your specific application or industry.

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