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Silicone Splicing Tape

Silicone Splicing Tape

Silicone splicing film tape is a tape featuring a double-coated silicone adhesive, which allows it to easily bond to silicone surfaces such as silicone-coated papers and film. This type of tape is ideal for situations where you need to splice difficult-to-bond surfaces, such as low surfaced energy plastics and some varnished leathers.

Silicone tape offers excellent performance in extreme temperatures, so it can be used to mask adhesive seams in metal bonding and to bond silicone foams and gaskets in automotive applications. It is generally very chemical-resistant, which makes it especially safe and long-lasting in these applications. FindTape carries silicone splicing tape by the roll or case by 3M, JVCC and Scapa.

Product Applications

  • Splicing of silicone-coated papers, films and non-woven materials
  • Splicing of energy plastics and some varnished leathers
  • Masking adhesive seams in metal bonding processes
  • High or low temperature gasket sealing
  • Bonding silicone foams and gaskets for automotive and industrial applications
  • Chemical masking
  • General purpose bonding
This type of taper features a highly stable silicone adhesive which provides excellent resistance to photo processing chemicals, acids, oils, solvents, aging, staining and water immersion. Additionally, it is generally designed to offer a soft, highly conformable shape so that it easily adheres to irregular surfaces. You get strong holding power from each of these tapes, with up to 41 pounds per inch of adhesion to stainless steel. offers silicone film splicing tape that performs well at an operating maximum temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you aren't sure which type of tape is best-suited for your unique applications, we recommend trying our Advanced Tape Finder tool to help you find the perfect tape.

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