UHMW Polyethylene & Skived PTFE (Low Friction)

UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) film tape and skived PTFE film tape are two unique types of low-friction tapes designed to offer a low coefficient of friction. This means that materials are able to slide freely over the tape's surface with no slipping or sticking.

Choosing between Skived PTFE and UHMW tape comes down to the job at hand: generally speaking, UHMW outwears skived PTFE, but PTFE permits tighter wrapping and better conforms to sharp bends and irregular surfaces. PTFE tape also offers a higher temperature resistance. FindTape.com offers a wider variety of UHMW polyethylene and skived PTFE film tapes by top brands like JVCC.

Product Applications:
  • Electrical applications such as harness, coil wraps, separators, transformers and slot liners
  • Mechanical applications, such as heat sealing bars and jaws and labeling
  • Roll protection in flat die extrusion
Use skived PTFE tape in applications where good insulation and heat resistance are required, especially in electrical applications. This type of tape is also appropriate for use in mechanical applications, including heat sealing bars and jaws; labeling machine pressure pads, chute liners, anti-friction devices, bearings, forming dies, aircraft mold release and guide rails where high temperature, maximum slip and lubricity are required.

UHMW film tape is appropriate for these applications as well, but should not be used in situations where you need heat resistance. This type of tape offers excellent shock resistance and high impact strength, so it is especially well-suited to mechanical and automotive applications. We offer these tapes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2-mil thick tape to 15-mil tape to meet the demands and budget of your particular job. If you still aren't sure which type of tape to use, you can use our handy Advanced Tape Finder tool.

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