Single-Sided Foam

Are you looking for superior quality single-sided foam tape to wrap pipes or weatherize your doors and windows for cold weather? We have high-quality foam tapes from leading brands like 3M Scotch, JVCC, Duck Brand and Shurtape.

Choose from low-density or medium-density PVC foam tape, foam pipe wrap insulation tape, urethane foam tape, door sealing tape or weather-strip seal, available in PVC foam or heavy duty EPDM rubber. These tapes are available in various widths, lengths and thicknesses.

These economically-priced, single-sided foam tapes are coated on one side with acrylic adhesive for a tough yet flexible tape with superior strength and resistance to wear. It also exhibits exceptional chemical and weather resistance, making it ideal for weather stripping and pipe wrapping. It forms a tight seal between surfaces. Certain styles are also machine washable and made with abrasion resistant fabric. Acrylic adhesive can adhere to PVC and metal pipes.

Read about the unique properties and characteristics of each of these single-sided adhesive foam tapes and choose the one that's best suited for your application.

Product Applications

  • Wrap pipes - cover cold pipes to prevent condensation dripping or cover hot pipes to reduce loss of heat
  • Seal doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping in the winter and to eliminate drafts
  • Seal doors and windows to prevent air-conditioned air from escaping in the summer
  • Seal around air conditioners
  • Get protection from wind, pollen, dust and insects by sealing windows and doors
  • Install recessed lighting without expensive hardware and ceiling holes
  • Use in electronics like automotive dashboards, computers, printers, keyboards and aircraft components to dampen sound, cushion components and absorb vibration
  • Wrap HVAC ducts
  • Place around door frames for effective sound proofing
  • Use on door panels to quiet car rattling

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