Gaffer-Style Duct Tape (Low Residue, Low Gloss)

Gaffer-style duct tape, sometimes referred to as AV cord tape, offers low adhesive residue properties and/or low-gloss properties and is great to have on hand anywhere you're dealing with audio/visual wires that need to be temporarily secured.

This is a polyethylene-coated cloth tape similar to standard duct tape but which offers low adhesive residue and/or a low-gloss, matte appearance. Here at FindTape, we offer low-visibility, low-residue options in a variety of colors as well as high-visibility cable zone duct tape that allows you to clearly delineate cable zones and keep your area safe and marked-off. FindTape has the low-gloss, low adhesive residue gaffer-style duct tape you need for the following applications and more:

Product Applications

  • Protecting and anchoring cable, wires and electrical cords (AV cord management)
  • Sealing of equipment cases and film canisters
  • Marking placement in stage setup
  • Bookbinding
  • Seam reinforcement
  • Floor and aisle marking
  • General repair and maintenance
  • Wrapping bundled wires

These tapes are designed for residue-free removal on most surfaces and are uniquely designed to conform well to irregular surfaces, so they're excellent for use by DJs, musicians, photographers, trade show participants and more. This type of tape is not as shiny as polyethylene-coated duct tape but not quite as matte-looking as your standard gaffers tape, so it's well-suited for use as spike tape and cord-wrapping. Many of these styles offer high resistance to abrasion, water and vapor to perform well under all demands.

Additionally, these products will work in a wide range of temperatures, from -31 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend clicking on each particular product and reading the full product descriptions and specifications to ensure that you get the appropriate tape for your requirements. FindTape only carries top-quality gaffer-style tape by manufacturers such as JVCC and Polyken, and we always offer competitive prices.

If you're looking for an adhesive product or tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications. You can also visit our Shop by Department page to find the best tapes for your specific application or industry.

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