Polyester Film (Silicone Splicing, Riveters, etc.)

Polyester film tape is appropriate for a wide range of sealing, splicing and packaging applications. Whether you need a high-performance tape for box-sealing or a super-thick polyester film-coated tape for use in metal fabrication, FindTape.com has the appropriate adhesive to meet your unique needs.

This type of tape is able to withstand high temperatures but features a super-thin yet durable backing, so it's appropriate for use in many industries. We offer a wide variety of polyester film tape, including packaging tape, splicing tape, circuit plating tape, riveters tape and sheathing tape by JVCC, 3M and Scapa.

Product Applications

  • Packaging
  • Sealing
  • Splicing
  • Protecting
  • Fiber drum sealing
  • Masking adhesive seams in metal bonding processes
  • Holding rivets in place while riveting
  • Circuit board production
  • Splicing some silicone coated papers and films
  • Outer wrapping coils, capacitors, motors and transformers
  • Masking in electroplating, anodizing and PC boards
  • Seam sealing
You can use polyester film tape for a wide range of splicing applications and more. This tape usually offers excellent chemical resistance and clean removal properties, so it's great for sealing applications where you need to seal without leaving behind any residue. Choose silicone splicing tape by JVCC if you need the cleanest and strongest splicing tape available. This tape resists photo processing chemicals, acids, oils, solvents, aging, staining and water immersion. 3M Riveters Tape is an excellent option for holding rivets in place during riveting, because it resists shattering or slivering. This high-quality polyester transparent tape features a tough, non-stretch backing that's transparent for easy visibility of rivets. You may also choose high-performance house wrap splicing tape if you need the ability to splice non-silicone surfaces or seal seams, such as sealing Tyvek to provide a vapor barrier against air. Remember, you can always use our handy Advanced Tape Finder if you aren't sure which type of tape is best-suited for you.

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