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We offer a varied selection of glues, adhesives, adhesive promoter / primers and adhesive removal products from leading manufacturers at low prices. If you're looking for glue sticks, spray adhesive, adhesion primers, permanent glue sticks, liquid instant adhesive or rubber adhesive strip tape, we have it. You'll also find products like tape primer and adhesive remover products. Are you looking for temporary and reusable, rather than permanent, adhesive putty? We carry that as well.

  • 3M Scotch 4298 Adhesion Promoter [Sponge Applicator Packet]

    3M Scotch 4298 Adhesion Promoter is formulated specifically for use with 3M VHB acrylic foam tapes to achieve a permanent bond with low surface energy plastics used for automotive dashboards, interior trim, and exterior trim applications. It works well with LSE plastics, as well as TPO, PPO, PP, PC, PC and ABS. 3M Adhesive Promoter is supplied in an easy-to-use sponge applicator packet, for a fast and precise application. Convenient to use, it dries within 30 to 90 seconds. Each sponge applicator packet contains .85 ounces (2.5 cc) of adhesion promoter, enough to cover up to 150 square inches. Since formulations and surface energies can vary for these types of materials, each application should be verified through testing. Product Applications Automotive instrument panel and interior trim Injection-molded side body side moldings Automotive claddings For use with 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes and 3M™ Acrylic Plus Tapes Application Instructions The liquid contents of the packet should be completely used as soon as possible after opening. Hold packet upright and avoid squeezing an opened packet to prevent spillage of liquid contents. The packet can be opened by tearing across the top of the packet at the notches. This will expose the sponge applicator. Do not remove the sponge or squeeze a freshly opened packet. Handling the bottom section of the packet should enable application of 3M adhesion promoter 4298 with no mess. Apply a thin, uniform coating to the bonding surface, using the minimum amount that will fully coat the surface. A wet coating thickness of 0.002 inches or less is recommended. Apply promoter only to areas that will be fully covered with tape. Although drying times may vary due to temperature and/or humidity, a drying time of 30 to 90 seconds is typically indicative of this thickness. The primer should be dry before applying tape. For best results, apply tape immediately after primer application or no more than one hour afterward. Be sure the primed surface remains free from contaminants prior to tape application.

  • 3M Scotch 111 Adhesion Promoter [Bottle]

    3M 111 Adhesion Promoter, also referred to as AP111, is an isopropyl alcohol based primer solvent solution used to promote better and faster adhesion of 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tapes to various surfaces including bare metals, galvanized steel, and painted surfaces. Since surfaces and paint formulations vary considerably, each application should be verified through testing. 3M 111 can clean and promote adhesion in one step provided the surface is relatively clean and free of wax, grease, oil, and loose particles. Coverage provided is approximately 19 square meters per liter based on 2 mil wet coating thickness. Can vary greatly depending on method of application. Drying time is approximately 1 minute depending on coating thickness, temperature, and humidity. Features & Benefits Increases tape adhesion build rate at both normal and cooler temperatures. Has non-offensive odor. Is very quick drying. Offers higher bond strength.

  • 3M Scotch Series 20 Aerosol Spray Adhesives

    3M Series 20 Aerosol Spray Adhesives are designed for industrial applications where keeping component costs down is key to the competitiveness of your product lines. They're ideal for a wide range of woodworking, manufacturing and construction applications. Series 20 spray adhesives have low soak-in formulas with great heat resistance. All products meet CARB/OTC VOC requirements. A general rule of thumb to remember regarding 3M spray adhesives is that for odd numbers products like 3M 27 only one substrate should be sprayed; while for even numbered products like 3M 20 and 24 both substrates should be sprayed. 3M Heavy Duty 20 Spray Adhesive is a high strength, fast grabbing, industrial grade, lace spray aerosol adhesive. Its used for woodworking, furniture, building, construction, transportation and marine applications. ideal for bonding laminates, veneers, metals, plastics and more. 3M Foam & Fabric 24 Spray Adhesive is a fast-tack industrial grade spray adhesive. Its used for furniture, upholstery, marine, automotive, seat and chair manufacturing, acoustics and bedding applications. 3M Multi-Purpose 27 Spray Adhesive is a versatile economical, industrial grade, mist spray aerosol adhesive. Used for general industrial lightweight applications including fabrics, plastics, flexible foams, paper, cardboard and thin-gauge metals.

  • 3M Scotch AP115 Silane Glass Treatment [Spray Bottle]

    3M AP115 Silane Glass Treatment is used to promote adhesion of 3M Acrylic Foam VHB Tapes to uncoated glass surfaces. Glass is hydrophilic (water loving) in nature and may lead to performance issues over time in humid or wet environments due to water vapor undercutting the bondline and interfering with normal adhesion forces. 3M silane glass treatment AP115 treats the glass surface (acts as an adhesion promoter or primer) creating a hydrophobic surface that will act to protect the 3M VHB Tape bondline. Coverage provided is approximately 20 to 25 square feet per 4 fluid ounce bottle.

  • Pro Tapes UGlu Industrial Adhesive Tape (formerly MACtac)

    Pro Tapes UGlu Industrial Adhesive Tape is a double-sided adhesive transfer tape which combines the strength of adhesive with the convenience and ease of tape. UGlu bonds even rough and uneven surfaces instantly, without the wait, mess or hassle of liquid glue. Use for craft and kid projects, house repair and other outdoor jobs. Other features of UGlu include: Can be cut to size (clean scissors with baby or vegetable oil prior to cutting). Waterproof & weatherproof. Holds up to 2 pounds. Instant bond & permanent hold. Easy-to-peel oversized liner (the liner on the tape is extended so there is a 1/4 inch dry ungummed edge at both sides of the tape so the 1 inch tape will actually come as 1-1/2 inches since there is a 1/4 inch dry edge at both the top and the bottom). Non-toxic & acid free. Made in the USA. UGlu Industrial bonds to carpet, canvas, fabrics, plastics, laminates, metal, glass, paper, wood, fiberglass, tile, granite, cement, ceiling tile, craft-foam, ceramics, drywall, foam board, etc. It should not be used on any type of wallpaper covered surfaces. To remove UGlu roll a corner of the adhesive until you have enough to grab and hold. Then pull SLOWLY away from the adhesive strip, do not pull directly up or across the surface of the remaining adhesive. If you pull too quickly the UGlu may break or snap-off. Please note removable tape is designed to not leave adhesive residue behind; however it may still pull up loose debris, finish, etc. from a substrate it is applied to depending on many conditions such as length of time applied, chemicals used to clean the substrate, and the composition of the substrate itself. We always recommend testing first on an inconspicuous area to ensure it removes as desired.

  • Gorilla HGS Hot Glue Sticks

    Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks provide a long-term hold even on hard to bond surfaces. The clear adhesive works with both high and low-temperature glue guns and features an extended working time for added convenience for all types of projects. Gorilla Hot Glue is also weather-resistant and 5X more durable (compared to leading hot glue sticks used in high-temperature guns). The mini sticks have a diameter of 0.27 inches and the full sticks have a diameter of 0.43 inches. Features & Benefits 5X MORE DURABLE: For projects that last WEATHER RESISTANT: For indoor and outdoor use ALL TEMPERATURE: Safe for both high and low temperature glue guns HIGH TEMPERATURE FOR STRONG BONDING: Wood, Plastic, Metal, Glass and More LOW TEMPERATURE FOR DELICATE MATERIALS: Floral, Fabric, Foam, Jewelry and More 45 SECOND EXTENDED WORKING TIME VERSATILE: Works on hard to bond surfaces like metal and glass IMPACT TOUGH®

  • 3M Scotch 94 Tape Primer [Ampule]

    3M 94 Tape Primer is an adhesion promoter for use in conjunction with 3M Acrylic Foam VHB Tapes. For use on many plastic, rubber, metal, polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, PET/PBT blends, concrete, wood, glass, painted and bare metal substrates. Coverage provided is 600 square feet per gallon of primer . Application Instructions Shake 3M Primer 94 well before using (for the ampules need to squeeze in middle until hear pop to break the inside vessel). Apply a thin uniform coating to the bonding surface using the minimum amount that will fully coat the surface. Allow 3M Primer 94 to dry thoroughly before applying tape. This is usually accomplished in 5 minutes at room temperature. Be sure the primed surface remains free from contaminants prior to applying the tape. Porous surfaces may require 2 applications of 3M Primer 94 for uniform coverage and good adhesion. Allow first application of primer to dry before applying the second coat.

  • Nashua 357SA Spray Adhesive

    Nashua 357SA Spray Adhesive is designed for temporary and permanent bonding. Used to bond fabric, fiberglass insulation, plastic films, felt, rubber, leather, cork, paper, cardboard, urethane foam, foil to metal, wood to wood and a variety of other substrates. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and can contribute toward satisfying EQ Credit 4.1 under LEED and meets SCAQMD Rule 1168 and Green Seal GS-36 requirements. Also meets FDA requirements for indirect food packaging when used according to 21 CFR 175.105. It has a lace spray pattern, a solvent odor, 15 second to several hour bonding time, 1 year shelf life, and its volume is 19.6 fluid ounces (net weight is 14 ounces). It contains no methylene chloride and is extremely flammable. Features & Benefits Fast skin, fast grab, low soak in spray adhesive. Formulated to bond polyethylene to concrete block, wood and many other hard-to-bond pieces. May be used to bond carpet and is ideal for label applications. May be used for either permanent or temporary bonds. Good UV, moisture, and oxidation resistance. Application Instructions For permanent bonds spray both surfaces and then allow 1-2 minutes for tack to develop and then bond with firm pressure. For temporary bonds apply a light, even coat to one surface and then allow tack to develop and then bond with firm pressure.

  • Scapa 0485 Rubber Adhesive Strip Tape [Solvent-Free]

    Scapa 0485 Rubber Adhesive Strip Tape is a very tacky rubber resin transfer tape. Its unique transferable adhesive sticks to almost anything, even when in wet or low temperature conditions. Also referred to as a Toffee Tape. This product is an ideal choice for all your general-purpose mounting and bonding applications. Even works great on hard to bond to substrates like glitter paper (see alternative photos to see us trying to remove the invitation from the glitter paper). To remove the tape don't try and ball it up; instead pull on the tape to stretch it out lengthwise away from whatever it is stuck to (removes like 3M Command Tape). Should not be used where good chemical resistance is required though. Uses & Applications Bonding lightweight wall insulation panels and kickplates. Securing flooring materials such as carpeting, tile and threshold strips. Joining of plastic sheeting and filter membranes. Fixing of edgings, sheeting, signs and displays. Bonding trim and fabrics during furniture construction. Bonding interior padding in protective headgear. Mounting posters and other lightweight items on walls. Features & Benefits Easy-to-peel oversized liner (the liner on the tape is extended so there is a 1/4 inch dry ungummed edge at both sides of the tape so the 3/4 inch tape will actually come as 1-1/4 inches since there is a 1/4 inch dry edge at both the top and bottom. Clean, easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives. If want to cut tape with a scissors hold tape very taught when cutting to get a nice clean edge. Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive offers excellent bond strength. Non-hardening and permanently flexible. Non-cured (NC) adhesive so it requires no cure time. Solvent free, therefore no fumes. Forms a strong waterproof bond.

  • Gorilla 6301502 Spray Adhesive

    Gorilla Spray Adhesive is a heavy duty, multi-purpose and easy to use adhesive product. This spray adhesive forms a clear, permanent bond that is moisture resistant and can be used on projects both indoors and out. Gorilla Spray Adhesive is also safe for photographs. Its wide pad nozzle and controlled, fine mist spray provide an even application on the project you are working on. Gorilla Spray Adhesive can be sanded and painted to match any surface and cures to a clear color. This adhesive meets VOC standards with a less than 30% VOC mist spray adhesive. Please note that Gorilla Spray Adhesive is not recommended for use on vinyl materials, automotive headliners, polypropylene, polyethylene or similar materials. Also, do not use for bonding weighted materials. Product Features Heavy-duty and dries permanent Easy-to-use and wide control spray nozzle for even application Repositionable until completely cured Clear and non-yellowing (direct UV exposure may affect color) Excellent for indoor and outdoor projects Moisture resistant Safe to use on photographs Directions All surfaces should be clean and free of dirt, grease, and oil. Protect surrounding areas from overspray to avoid residual adhesive. Shake can well before using. Hold the can 6 to 8 inches from surfaces to be bonded and spray an even coat of adhesive. For Maximum Bond Strength: Spray both surfaces to be joined. Allow to dry to tack (approximately 1 minute) and press surfaces firmly together. For Repositionable Bonds: Spray a light even coat on one surface. Allow to dry 1-3 minutes before joining. Repositionable up to 10 minutes depending on the surface type, then bond becomes permanent. To remove, gently peel from the corner. Tip: To avoid possible clogging, turn can away from body, turn upside down and spray a short jet of clear gas after completing the job. NOTE: Not recommended for use on vinyl materials, automotive headliners, polypropylene, polyethylene or similar materials. Do not use for bonding weighted materials.

  • Gorilla 4200102 Epoxy Syringe

    Gorilla Epoxy Syringe is an incredibly strong and durable household and automotive repairs adhesive with superior solvent and water resistance. The easy-to-use syringe keeps the epoxy resin and hardener separate, so it is easy to dispense. The two-part, gap-filling formula of the Gorilla Epoxy Syringe system easily bonds steel, aluminum, glass, wood, ceramic, tile and most plastics. Plus, it dries in an ideal, clear finish that makes projects look spotless. Gorilla Epoxy has 3300 psi bond strength and a 5-minute set-time for a quick strong application process. The adhesive is water resistance and suitable indoor and outdoor use on a wide variety of projects. The epoxy can be painted with a latex paint and stained with a water-based stain and is sandable for a perfect finish. Features and Benefits Clear dry formula is ideal for a clean and easy finish Plenty of re-positioning time for the perfect fit Fill voids and bond uneven and vertical surfaces Once cured, the product is solvent resistant Easy-to-use syringe has separate barrels of epoxy resin and hardener keep epoxy from hardening Syringe dispenses evenly and includes a cap for multiple uses Directions for Use Prepare Your Work Area and the Surface - If you’re using Gorilla Epoxy for the first time or bonding a new type of material, we always recommend trying a test piece first. Prepare your work area - It is recommended to use Gorilla Epoxy in a well-ventilated area. Be sure your work area is protected from spills. Gather your mixing tray and stir sticks so that all your supplies are together. Prepare the surface - To improve adhesion, roughen smooth surfaces before gluing. Then clean and dry all surfaces to be bonded. Mixing Gorilla Epoxy - Remove the black cap from the two syringes. With tip pointing upward, cut or snap the end from tip of the syringes. With the tip still pointing upward, eliminate air and ensure even dispensing by slowly pushing the plunger until both the resin and the hardener are at the tip. Push the plunger to dispense even amounts of resin and hardener onto a clean, disposable, contained surface. The package itself can be used as a mixing tray. If you flip the plastic blister shell over, you can use the small well as a starter dish to begin dispensing until both the resin and hardener are flowing equally. Once the flow is even, move to the larger mixing well to dispense your even ratio. Mix the two parts for about 20 seconds, until the mixture is uniform. Apply within 5 minutes. As you mix, you will notice that the epoxy warms up. This is a reaction that occurs as the resin and hardener combine. Application - After mixing is complete, apply Gorilla Epoxy within 5 minutes. The epoxy mixture will continue to thicken and the bond strength will decrease the longer you wait to apply. Clamping - To reach maximum bond strength, clamp project together and leave undisturbed. Important Cure Times and Storage Set: 5 minutes to apply and position Handling: Allow to cure for 30 minutes undisturbed (no weight or handling) Final Cure: Allow 24 hours for load-bearing weight Storage: To close, pull plunger slightly back. Wipe tip clean with dry cloth and align notch on tip and cap. Close tightly.

  • Gorilla 4330101 GorillaWeld Epoxy

    Gorilla GorillaWeld Epoxy is an incredibly strong, heavy duty two-part adhesive. The package includes one 0.5 fl.oz. tube of hardener and one 0.5 fl.oz. tube of resin that is mixed together and applied, per the directions. The tough, steel bond epoxy formula has a 4250 PSI bond strength and sets in just 10 minutes. GorillaWeld is waterproof and versatile, creating a long-lasting, permanent bond to metal, plastics*, concrete, ceramics, PVC, fiberglass and more. GorillaWeld is freeze/thaw stable, paintable, and sandable for all of your DIY projects at home or at work. This product does not expand when cured, has limited chemical resistance, and cures to a dark grey color. Fill gaps, drill and shape GorillaWeld to virtually any surface or product. *Note: GorillaWeld Epoxy is not recommended for use on polyethylene, polypropylene or similar plastics. Bonded wood materials should not be submerged or soaked in water. Features and Benefits Extrememly strong - 4250 psi Steel bond epoxy Sets in 10 minutes creating a permanent bond Waterproof (Not suggested to use on wood materials submerged or soaked in water) Easy to use Directions All surfaces should be clean and free of debris. To improve adhesion, roughen smooth surfaces with sandpaper before gluing. Remove cap from each tube and use top of cap to puncture foil seal. Dispense equal parts from each tube onto a clean, disposable surface. Mix with disposable mixing tool for approximately 20 seconds until color is uniform. Apply mixture to surface within 3 minutes. Clamp surfaces together and leave undisturbed for 10 to 30 minutes. Full cure in 24 hours. Cure time dependent on temperature, humidity and quantity applied.

  • Gorilla 45 Clear Gorilla Glue

    Clear Gorilla Glue is an incredibly strong, versatile, crystal clear adhesive. It can be used for general projects and repairs and is the ideal solution for bonding glass or other transparent materials. Whether you are building, creating, or repairing, it's the go-to solution for bonding wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass, and more. It is specially designed with a non-foaming formula, making it easy to use and hard to see. Clear Gorilla Glue provides heavy-duty performance, is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor projects, and bonds to virtually everything. Clear Gorilla Glue can be painted using an oil-based paint or spray paint and once sanded will accept acrylic or latex paint. This adhesive can be stained after it has been thoroughly sanded. Clear Gorilla Glue will not expand when cured and the water-resistant glue forms an incredibly strong bond that can hold through both hot and cold temperatures. Although Clear Gorilla Glue is water resistant it is not recommended for continual water exposure. Directions All surfaces must be clean and tight fitting. Clear Gorilla Glue will stain clothes. Dampen For non-porous surfaces only (i.e. metal, glass, plastics), lightly dampen one surface with water. Do not add water to bottle. Glue Apply Clear Gorilla Glue to surfaces. Best at room temperature. Clamp Clamp objects together for 2 hours. Full cure in 24 hrs. You can use heavy objects to achieve clamping pressure. *Not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastics. Storage Tips After each use, wipe nozzle clean with a dry cloth and tightly replace lid. Store in a cool, dry place with exposure to light. Lack of light and heat can cause the product to yellow. Cured glue can be removed from work surface with chisel, scraper or sandpaper. Store away from children and animals.

  • Gorilla 804001 Clear Grip

    Gorilla Clear Grip is a flexible, fast-setting, crystal clear contact adhesive that creates a strong, permanent bond. With its 100% waterproof formula, Gorilla Clear Grip is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor projects. The gel, non-runny consistency of the adhesive makes projects and repairs easy to manage with little to no mess. Clear Grip has a flexible bond that holds in just seconds but should be given a minimum of 24 hours for a full cure. The cure time will depend upon temperature and surface type. The clear glue makes it ideal for bonding metal, glass, fabric, wood, ceramic, leather, paper, photographs, and more. Gorilla Clear Grip glue is safe for the washer and dryer. Note: *Not recommended for use on polystyrene, polypropylene or polyethylene products. Not for use on food contact surfaces. Do not dry clean. May cause damage to finished surfaces. Features and Benefits Waterproof Drys crystal clear Holds in seconds Permanent Heavy-duty Paintable and sandable - paint with water and oil-based paints and spray paint Photo safe No-run formula Directions All surfaces should be clean and free of dirt, grease and oil. Best if used between 50°F and 90°F. Clear Grip should only be used in a well ventilated area. Apply adhesive to each surface to be bonded. To maximize bond strength: Wait approximately two minutes for adhesive to partially dry before joining surfaces. Press surfaces firmly together. Note: Bond forms immediately and can be difficult to reposition. Cure Time Allow for a minimum of 24 hours for full cure. Cure time may increase with lower temperatures and when used on non-porous surfaces. Storage Tips After each use, wipe nozzle with a dry cloth and tightly replace cap. Store in a cool, dry location. Tip: For easier re-opening, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the threads before replacing cap. Store away from children and animals. Clean-up Wipe uncured adhesive with a dry cloth and clean with acetone, isopropyl alcohol, or citrus based solvents according to manufacturer’s instructions. Cured adhesive may be removed by scraping from surface. Paintable When fully cured. *Note: Not recommended for use on polystyrene, polypropylene or polyethylene products. Not for use on food contact surfaces. Do not dry clean. May cause damage to finished surfaces.

  • Stalogy 017 Touch Screen Cleaning Roller

    The Stalogy Touch Screen Cleaning Roller is a perfect addition to any touchscreen, phone, tablet, or other technical devices that collect dust, fingerprints, and other skin oils. This portable and refillable roller can be used directly on the devices and quickly and easily cleans off the surface. The adhesive tape roller contains 12 sticky sheet sections that can be used approximately 40 times. Once the section is no longer sticky, simply tear off the sheet at the perforations and you are ready to use the roller once again. The Stalogy Touch Screen (Colo Colo) Cleaning Roller hard plastic case is small, sturdy, lightweight and protects the roller inside. Take this with you anywhere and have a clear reading surface for all of your devices. The Stalogy Cleaning Roller Refill pack contains 1 sticky cleaning roller with 12 sheets and quickly fits into the plastic case for continued cleaning use on your touch screens. CAUTION: Using a roller on a surface that has hard particles or debris, may result in scratching the surface. Do not use the roller on surfaces other than touch screens. To avoid getting adhesive on the screen, do not press too hard with the roller, do not move the roller side-to-side while rolling up-and-down, and do not roll in reverse. The roller may not be able to remove oils other than skin oils. Do not use the roller tape without the case. For safety, turn off the touch screen device before cleaning the screen. The roller tape should not be stored in direct sunlight or in areas of high moisture or humidity.

  • Gorilla SG Super Glue

    Gorilla Super Glue's high strength and quick set time makes it the go-to adhesive for a variety of household projects. Developed for long-lasting repairs in an instant, the clear glue dries in 10 to 45 seconds. Their Super Glue is reinforced for increased impact resistance to handle bumps and drops. They call it Impact-Tough® because the reliable bond stands up to wear and tear. Super glue, also referred to as cyanoacrylate glue, or CA glue, works on a variety of materials, including metal, fabric, stone, ceramic, paper, rubber, plastic (NOT recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastic or similar materials) and more. In addition to Gorilla Super Glue's high-performance cyanoacrylate formula, they've added an anti-clog cap with a metal pin inside ensuring an airtight seal for maximum reusability. It's Gorilla tough, every time. Features & Benefits IMPACT TOUGH: Reinforced with increased impact resistance and strength ANTI CLOG CAP: Keeps super glue from drying out. It’s Gorilla Tough use after use. FAST-SETTING: Dries in 10-45 seconds, no clamping required. VERSATILE: Bonds wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper, plastic (Not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastic or similar materials) and more

  • 3M Scotch 6008 Permanent Glue Stick [Acid Neutral]

    3M Scotch 6008 Permanent Glue Sticks are strong, fast-bonding, and no mess. The permanent adhesive glue is located inside a twist or push-up tube, which means no sticky fingers when applying the product. These are great for paper-based, school, home and office projects, and can also be used with fabrics, other lightweight items, and craft projects. 3M Scotch 6008 Permanent Glue Stick adhesive cleans off hands and household surfaces with soap and water. Washes cleanly out of most fabrics. Non-toxic, acid-free, washable.

  • Polyken 41 Citrus Cleaner / Adhesive Remover

    Polyken 41 Citrus Cleaner / Adhesive Remover is an excellent degreaser and adhesive removal agent available in an aerosol spray can. Used to remove adhesive residue from many surfaces and also for multi-purpose cleaning and degreasing. The spray cleaner removes adhesive residue, ink, oil stains, road tar, rubber marks, decals, stickers, heel marks, graffiti, lipstick, release agents, and soap films. Polyken 41 is pleasantly scented by its natural citrus base. Use on metals, painted surfaces, glass, porcelain, plastics, and concrete. Test product in an inconspicuous area before full-scale application since it can damage some delicate surfaces such as gel coats, etc.

  • 3M Scotch 08987 General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner

    3M 08987 Adhesive Cleaner is a specially blended solvent in aerosol form used for removal of light paint overspray, adhesive residue, wax, grease, tree sap, dirt, road tar, oil and bugs. Will not harm most thoroughly cured automotive paint, vinyls, or fabrics when properly used. Part number 08987 Aerosol has a VOC content of 738 grams per liter (6.16 lbs per gallon).

  • Gorilla B&N Super Glue Brush & Nozzle

    Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle offers 2 easy ways to dispense for control and accuracy. Brush & Nozzle features a precision tip nozzle and fine bristle brush that allow the user to control their super glue application, making it perfect for any project. Developed for long-lasting repairs in an instant, Gorilla Super Glue dries in 10–45 seconds and is reinforced for increased impact resistance. They call it Impact-Tough® because it stands up to wear and tear. In addition to its high-performance formula, they've added an anti-clog cap with a metal pin inside to ensure an airtight seal for maximum reusability. Super glue, also referred to as cyanoacrylate glue, or CA glue, works on a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, fabric, stone, ceramic, paper, rubber and more. It’s Gorilla tough, every time. Features & Benefits Two ways to dispense for greater control and versatility Fine bristle brush for controlled coverage with less mess Precision tip nozzle for quick, easy dispensing Impact Tough: Unique rubber particles increase impact resistance and strength Fast-setting: Dries in 10-45 seconds, no clamping required

  • Gorilla SGG Super Glue Gel

    Gorilla Super Glue Gel is an easy-to-use, thicker and more controlled formula great for multiple surfaces and vertical applications (unlike standard liquid Gorilla Super Glue). Developed for long-lasting repairs in an instant, the clear glue dries in 10 to 45 seconds. This super glue gel is specially formulated to absorb drops and impacts. Super glue, also referred to as cyanoacrylate glue, or CA glue, works on a variety of materials, including metal, fabric, stone, ceramic, paper, rubber, plastic (NOT recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastic or similar materials though), and more. In addition to its high performance formula, we’ve added an anti-clog cap with a metal pin inside to ensure an airtight seal for maximum reusability. It’s Gorilla tough, every time. Features & Benefits NO RUN CONTROL GEL FORMULA ANTI CLOG CAP: Keeps glue from drying out, its Gorilla Tough use after use IMPACT TOUGH: Increase impact resistance and strength FAST-SETTING: Dries in 10-45 seconds, no clamping required VERSATILE: Bonds wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper, plastic (NOT recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastic or similar materials) and more

  • 3M Scotch SI100 Scotch-Weld Instant Adhesive Glue

    3M SI100 Rite-Lok Instant Adhesive Glue is a low-medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive that is fast curing and useful for general purpose bonding. It is a single component, high strength ethyl cyanoacrylate liquid adhesive which is designed to bond to a variety of substances including most plastics, rubbers, metals, and other common substrates. That product was previously referred to as EC100 Rite-Lok. In a new bottle the liquid should come up to just under where it says 'Surface Insensitive Instant Adhesive' on the bottle label. Some tips for applying 3M SI100: Ensure parts are clean, dry, and free from oil and grease. Bond speed is typically very fast so ensure that parts are properly aligned before dispensing. Apply sparingly to one surface and press parts firmly together until handling strength is achieved. As a general rule, as little cyanoacrylate as possible should be used. Over application will result in slower cure speed and lower bond strength.

  • Bostik Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive

    Bostik Blu-Tack, the original reusable adhesive, can be formed into any desired shape. It stays permanently plastic and pliable, and each package comes with strips for easy use. You can choose from an all-blue pack or a multi-colored pack. The blue pack has 4 strips, each approximately .75 inches wide by 8 inches long. In the mixed color pack, there are 5 strips (yellow, blue, orange, green and pink), and each strip is approximately .5 inches wide by 8 inches long. Features and Benefits Can be used on various surfaces - non-porous, painted, vinyl coated wallpaper, metal, glass and more Removable by dabbing or rolling with another blob of Blu-Tack Putty presses on and rolls off Product Applications Keep pictures from moving around on walls Leave notes on doors Stick up posters Seal around doors and windows Hold candles (as alternative candle holders) Remove hair and dust from clothing Create 3-dimensional models Hold figurines in place on a window sill Attach screw to screwdriver for tight, hard-to-reach places Modeling Pick up dropped nails or screws Reduce noise vibration Clean computer keys Hold markers in place on white board Secure speakers on speaker stands Graphite eraser or magnet Hold end of measuring tape on wall for long measurements

  • Duck Brand Adhesive Remover Applicator & Scraper

    Duck Brand Adhesive Remover removes adhesive residue, tar, caulk, gum, crayon and more. One-step, no-mess bottle applicator with a built-in sponge and scraper. The remover works on many surfaces including windows, walls, floors, furniture, glass, carpet, metal and plastic (it is always recommended to test on an inconspicuous part of the surface first). Removes adhesive residue left behind by duct tape, masking tape, carpet tape, mounting tape, weather striping tape, stickers and labels. Has a fresh citrus scent. Application Instructions Use sponge applicator to apply remover. Place scraper cap back onto bottle. Let liquid sit for 20 to 30 seconds. Remove residue using the scraper. Wipe off excess liquid. Clean surface with soap and water.

  • 3M Scotch 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive

    3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive is 3M's fast-drying, transparent spray adhesive that bonds on concrete, wood, MDF, laminates, polyethylene and more. Its extremely strong bond gives you fast results to keep projects moving forward. 90 spray adhesive's industrial-grade formula is easy to dispense and apply directly to surfaces and materials and provides the added benefit of high heat and moisture resistance. Its aerosol can is a portable, convenient, maintenance free-delivery system, where variable width actuator delivers a controlled lace spray pattern. This ability to control the spray helps minimize waste while placing an optimal amount of adhesive right where needed. Also its aggressive tack provides high initial grab and gives you sufficient open time to position materials properly. The combination of fast tack, strong bond, and clean appearance make it ideal for edge band and wood panel bonding. Features & Benefits Finger-touch, targeted control ensures minimal overspray, waste, and cleanup. Extreme high-strength and fast-tack adhesive provides strong permanent bond. Ideal adhesive for decorative laminates, particleboard, and many other materials, even polyethylene, polypropylene, and SBR rubber. 1 minute dry time for fast, extremely strong permanent results and high productivity. Substrates can bond to include: fabric, felt, cork & fibrous glass, flexible foam (latex, urethane), rigid foam (urethane), leather, rubber (except EPDM), metal, plastics (ABS, PVC, acrylic), plastics (high performance nylon), plastics (polyolefins & thermoplastic elastomers), plastics (flexible vinyl), glass & ceramics, paper & cardboard, wood & hardboard.

  • 3M Scotch Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive [Orange]

    3M Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive is an aerosol adhesive used for bonding flexible urethane or latex foam together or for bonding many other materials like wood, metal, glass, fabrics, heavy papers and non-vinyl plastics (it is NOT recommended for bonding vinyl plastics). It is a fast drying adhesive and its high content of adhesive solids provides high coverage. 3M FoamFast 74 also has good moisture and temperature resistance to help protect bonds. Often used in recreational vehicles (RVs) for upholstery applications. Its volume is 22.6 fluid ounces (its net weight is 16.9 ounces).

  • Universal UNV75748 Permanent Glue Stick [Acid-Free]

    Universal Office Products UNV75748 Permanent Glue Stick is a washable, non-toxic, acid-free glue stick which can be used on paper, cardboard, photos and fabric. The glue dries clear and wrinkle-free. Ideal for archival materials. ACMI/AP certified. Please note we do allow you to buy just one stick at a time so please order 12 if you'd like a full box.

  • Wooster Floor Prep Cleaning Solution

    Wooster Floor Prep is an alkaline solvent compound used for heavy-duty cleaning. It is an easy to handle, fast cleaning liquid designed for steam or spray cleaning as well as floor scrubbing machines and can be used in both interior and exterior applications. It is designed to clean areas subjected to heavy grease, oil and carbonaceous soils, and can be used to clean any type of surface. Wooster Floor-Prep has been approved by the U.S.D.A. for cleaning floors and walls in poultry, meat, rabbit and egg processing plants. Biodegradable and phosphate-free. Floor Prep is a highly alkaline material. Direct contact may cause burns of eyes and skin. It is harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wear protective gloves, safety goggles and suitable protective clothing when handling. Wash thoroughly after handling. Do not take internally. Application Instructions Dilute 1/4 pint (4 fl. ounces) of Floor Prep to one gallon of warm-to-hot water (up to 160°F) - this amount of solution will clean approximately 30 to 40 square feet of area. Pour the cleaner over the area to be cleaned and allow to soak up to 15 minutes. After soaking, clean area with a power scrubber or agitate with a stiff bristled brush. Agitate until a foaming action occurs. Follow by two (2) thorough high-pressure water rinses, preferable hot.

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