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Incredible Sale on Overstock High Temp Masking Tape
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Incredible Sale on Overstock High Temp Masking Tape

JVCC MT_SALE Masking Tape Our converter has recently received in tons of overstock high-temperature masking tape from one of the major manufacturers. They've already cut a bunch of it to 2-inch width and it is now available for sale by the case (18 rolls come in a case) for just $23.22 - see JVCC MT-SALE for information and pricing on the tape. A case of 2-inch high-temperature masking tape typically sells for over $100 per case. They also have log rolls available and pricing for widths from 1/4" up to 8" can be seen by looking at the JVCC MT-02 product. The MT-02 product doesn't have any case requirements and all the listed widths can be purchased in single-roll quantities. Thank you.

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